XT.com IEO outcome and next steps

Dear Auxilium community,

As you are aware, we’ve just held an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) with XT.com. XT.com came to us with the IEO and listing offer which we really appreciated and saw as a great opportunity to grow to the next level with limited funds. The terms for this deal were also great, with no upfront costs, mutual effort and mutual gain should we succeed.

The IEO has not reached its target and has therefore failed. As such, we won’t be getting listed with XT Exchange and all who participated in the IEO will be refunded by XT and, we’ll refund any transaction fees incurred for those who participated.

XT did come back to us after the IEO with a very generous offer to still list with them for the amount that was raised even though the IEO did not reach its target, however we politely declined because of the ongoing criteria and costs we’d have needed to meet so as not to be delisted a few months down the track.

We’ve outlined some reasons we believe most likely responsible for the failure, which include:

• XT is a relatively new exchange with a whole new market not already familiar with Auxilium
• there’s a pandemic going on around the world, with many focused on financial security rather than financial risk
• it’s difficult for people to see the true potential and value if their reference is mostly exchanges/trade volumes and market caps
• many AUX holders hold a large amount of AUX already so there’s little incentive to risk more money at this time

The key to success is to never give up and so we’ve already come up with a Plan B – a community fundraiser.

We’re even more excited about launching the community fundraiser as we feel it has a better chance of success and will help create more trust between the dev team and community and all being well, a stronger sense of community all around.

Community Fundraiser

We’re going to hold a community-based fundraiser with greater incentives for all who participate.

We’ll create a fundraiser web page, with:

• 100% transparent investment portfolio value of Auxilium Global
• See live progress 0% - 100% of goal
• See the goal exchange - a top exchange, no new exchange or other uncertainties
• See all crypto donations received
• See the daily progress of USD value of the investment portfolio

Until Auxilium is listed on a top tier exchange, we’re all stuck. You can help get us listed on such an exchange. It’s a win-win.

Our core philosophy is to help as many people, animals and the environment, as is possible. We’re reaching out to you now, asking you to help us and in return, we’ll be able to help you and many others around the world.

More details to come in the following days.

Auxilium Global Team


I thought this was a great idea. we are family, let’s help each other.


We had already many people come to us that they think this is 1) a nice idea, and 2) probably a successful idea. Also from other business professionals like exchange teams.


You should find another exchange like huobi or binance. I think crex24 is also a good choice,


Crex24 is really a good exchange, however small and with low volume, we need a large exchange with a lot of volume, so we can move to a higher level in the market


im still waiting big exchange :kissing:

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When wil the android wallet releasr?

This IEO failure is not the end. Many factors influence this failure, as stated above. Due to the current DeFi hype, investors mostly follow the trend to get short profits with high risk. Community fundraising is a great idea, stay afloat and fight.


Hello and welcome @Dafyang90,
We’re planning to launch the mobile wallet in October. All being well, at the start of.

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Hello and welcome to our community @btcltcman and thank you for your encouragement. Great to have your support.

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Good projects


Hi @Redihana, welcome to our community and thank you for your support.

Hello, how are you? Thank you for these good and positive ideas. But unfortunately, I personally do not have good financial means and I am from a weak family in the society and I regret why I can not be with you in this process of your proposal and I ask God. To help me be with you one day. Thank you all, friends with knowledge and with me…

Hi, welcome. Stay positive. There are way more things in life than money :wink:

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I agree with you and thank you for your kindness and love :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

Hello dear friend, how are you? I downloaded the wallet, what should I do next?

Hi @christ1000,

Are you asking how you buy Auxilium coins to hold in your wallet?

If yes, you’re currently able to join Mercatox.com, the exchange we’re listed on. Then you can buy AUX to send to your personal wallet.

We’ve also launched the Community Fundraiser Platform where you can send Ethereum and receive Auxilium coins directly.



Petite question serait il possible de gagné des aux gratuits ou il faut nécessairement en acheter