Windows Desktop Wallet Support


My wallet has started in the past but now I get a continuous buffer (circle spinning) and I got the nodes cannot connect.


Again, the wallet stuck at buffering page.


Thanks for letting us know. As usual we will do our best to make the wallets connect again.


This is something you can try to get your wallet to work. This is for window users to try. You have to open up your firewall and open up the folder in Roaming that have your keystore and a geth folder. Exit out of your Aux wallet before trying this.

  1. Delete the Geth folder
  2. In the firewall area delete the geth-windows-4.0-amd64.exe 480 permission.
  3. Add a rule to allow port 30308
  4. restart your wallet. It will spin for a while so just let it spin and wait. You can restart it a view times if you wish . If so repeat steps 1 and 2. Keep Step 3.


@blockgators thanks for thinking with the users.

The wallet should work again. Otherwise very soon. We will work on adding another special node especially for desktop wallets. Also we will add a function that will decrease the relative load on the network and increase stability.