Windows Desktop Wallet Support


Yes, eventually he got a connection.


My wallet is not opening, when I try to open my Desktop wallet it is just loading (circling and circling) and never arriving at the dashboard.
Earlier I was not getting connections, thats why I deleted everything (kept backup) and tried reinstalling but this time I am not even reaching till the wallet dashboard. what should I do?


Same issue here


Noted and looking into it. It might not only be on your end. We’re researching it now, and will come back to you as soon as we have a concrete answer. Thanks for your patience.


Same issue, yep!



Update about the network maintenance: Roadmap and updates (updated daily)
Hope you all have a good day!


Github is giving an 404 error. This is known?



I’m able to access our GitHub page OK.




Hi Anton, you might note that I first contacted you back in September 18 about the wallet issues, I followed your advice at the time and I believe it cures it for a while. I’ve been a little preoccupied with the real world for past few months and ignored the wallet until knowing its fully working…i have fired it up intermittently over past few months but it never seems to connect, just the buffer circle.
Read through the posts since my last comment and got a handle on where you’re at, fired up wallet today, didn’t try and remove geth file as I’d done that following your advice last year, but it didn’t work…still the buffering circle.
Guidance please?
Best wishes Guy


Hello, we had maintenance on the network. Which means in this case we’ve changed settings. Once everything is fully back to normal, including exchanges activating deposits/withdrawals again we will inform everyone about how to proceed. Most likely the wallet will now connect to the “old network”, thus not connect at all as that does not excist. Action of user might be required to make the wallet sync. We’ll inform on that later.

It’s a process of constant learning. Crypto/Blockchain is new, constantly evolving and no matter how large of an ICO or team maintenance is part of the job. As you know we did not conduct an ICO and have been building up the company in a bearmarket while still working our day jobs.

We’ve improved much in the past months, although it might not seem so from the users perspective. There are many pros to our unique and innovative code, but with that many new challenges. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Anton, I knew it would be a long ride… I’ll wait till you’ve got it all sorted out. Cheers Guy


it has been too long since wallet is not working now :neutral_face:


It has been taking quite long in the eyes of the community. I understand.

Like explained, this technology is all new and constantly evolving. Since we don’t get paid as volunteers (because we didn’t conduct an ICO) it takes longer. We have our own jobs and families that need our attention.

While many top cryptocurrencies are backed by tens or even hundreds of millions of USD they still for instance become victim to 51% attacks (Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, and many more) losing millions of USD worth of crypto from holders. Something extremely unlikely to happen to Auxilium.

In short: all cryptocurrencies have issues at some point. Some more harmful than others. We’re aiming to maintain a more secure innovative blockchain and network. This takes time. Innovation with less security risk instead of a fast not innovative ICO with high security risk.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi all,

We’ve updated our network and so wallet syncing should now be back online.

Please would a few people test their Auxilium wallet and report back with details of sync status and number of peers connected.



Chaps, how do I overcome this wallet issue please…when opening wallet I get this pop up message…’could not connect to node node type: geth network: main platform: win32 (architecture ia32)’


Hi @GuyOsborne
It could be your wallet is a little bit confused, looking in the wrong place and therefore has some problems finding a connection. Could be because of our previous maintenance. To help the wallet a bit you can close your wallet, delete the Geth folder (%appdata%\Auxilium\Geth), and restart the wallet.


I want to transfer Aux from my windows desktop wallet to mercatox, but it’s asking for password and I don’t remember if I have put any password in it… how to retrieve the password …?


Hello @kamal5117 Kamal.

When creating a new account (AUX address) in the wallet you are required to first of all type a password and then also repeat the same password to verify. The account is then created.

You are the only one who has the password. That is a decentralised aspect: the passwords are not stored. Users have full control and responsibility over their funds.

I hope you can find the password somewhere. Maybe it’s the same as you use for other accounts?