Windows Desktop Wallet Support


Hello @kamal5117 Kamal.

When creating a new account (AUX address) in the wallet you are required to first of all type a password and then also repeat the same password to verify. The account is then created.

You are the only one who has the password. That is a decentralised aspect: the passwords are not stored. Users have full control and responsibility over their funds.

I hope you can find the password somewhere. Maybe it’s the same as you use for other accounts?


is there any way to retrieve like in other sites… clicking on “forget password” the password is sent on the mail…


Thanks It’s done…


Good you fixed it. The whole reason why passwords are not saved on a server for instance is that a server could be hacked, and your keystore password could be stolen. The good thing about the blockchain is that people are the only ones holding their keys/passwords. I would recommend to store your passwords on a password protected hardware drive that you can keep safe in your home, or other place for safekeeping. Just to be sure you never forget the access to your account.


I have been trying to open my windows wallet since 12 hrs, no success. Deleted “geth” folder and “auxilium wallet” folder and not “keystore”, the loading page goes on scrolling for hours. Previously(a month back) it opened effortlessly.


@Qwerth seems you’ve done a lot to try and make it work. I have sent a message to the network department to check it out. Once we had a look and know the answer we’ll contact you. Thanks for your patience.


Suddenly, the 350 Auxilium that I put in Wallet has disappeared.
I am afraid and I can not purchase additional items.
What should I do now!


Check your address on
If coins are OK on there, there is a syncing issue with the wallet. I’ve sent person responsible for network a message already.

But as we are volunteers and also have other obligations it sometimes takes a bit longer. Thanks for understanding :slightly_smiling_face:


Wallet should sync now.
The network was up all the time.
The wallet uses a different method to connect to the network.
This method sometimes causes for the wallets to connect to soon or not soon enough. This needs fine-tuning.


Checked it now, it syncs.
Thanks to the network department :wink:


I can`t seem to be able to get a connection.


Stuck at 68% but attleast it connects so given time this will perhaps resolve by itself.


It is indeed syncing. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sometimes the connection of the desktop wallet, which depends on a different type of connection, is a bit more difficult. Working to make it as solid as the main network connection, as used by the exchanges for instance.


My wallet has started in the past but now I get a continuous buffer (circle spinning) and I got the nodes cannot connect.


Again, the wallet stuck at buffering page.


Thanks for letting us know. As usual we will do our best to make the wallets connect again.


This is something you can try to get your wallet to work. This is for window users to try. You have to open up your firewall and open up the folder in Roaming that have your keystore and a geth folder. Exit out of your Aux wallet before trying this.

  1. Delete the Geth folder
  2. In the firewall area delete the geth-windows-4.0-amd64.exe 480 permission.
  3. Add a rule to allow port 30308
  4. restart your wallet. It will spin for a while so just let it spin and wait. You can restart it a view times if you wish . If so repeat steps 1 and 2. Keep Step 3.


@blockgators thanks for thinking with the users.

The wallet should work again. Otherwise very soon. We will work on adding another special node especially for desktop wallets. Also we will add a function that will decrease the relative load on the network and increase stability.