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Dear Auxilium Community,

You can download your desktop wallet at

:spiral_notepad: Please notice that the desktop wallets are for safe keeping of AUX and transactions of AUX only. Smart contract functionality will be available later. We advice not to use this functionality until further notice. Always make sure you make a back-up of your keystore file(s).

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Auxilium network status: :white_check_mark:

Coins safe on blockchain: :white_check_mark:

Want to make sure your AUX are safe on the blockchain?


Please take into consideration that the wallet also needs to interact properly with your computer and internet connection and vice versa. Your computer and internet settings could be resulting in the wallet not being able to synchronise for instance. Let’s try to solve all questions together.

:grey_question: How long does it take to sync to the network?
:arrow_right_hook: The wallet needs to import all previous blocks (blocks contain transactions/information) to the wallet in order to show the correct balance. The longer the blockchain (i.e. more blocks) the longer it can take to sync your wallet. It should not take much longer than a few minutes.

:grey_question: I only have 1 peer, is this enough?
:arrow_right_hook: Yes, it should be. With Auxilium Proof of Authority all peers are live 24/7. With a growing community we’ll monitor the connectivity and increase the amount of peers if necessary.


:grey_question: I’m getting a pop-up about node4 not able to connect, what to do?
:arrow_right_hook: Your computer could not directly connect to the Auxilium network. This sometimes happens. There can be many reasons for this message to pop-up. A regular restart of the wallet normally resolves the problem.

:grey_question: Restarting my wallet does not help connecting to the Auxilium network (I’m still getting the node4 pop-up), what to do?
:arrow_right_hook: It could be your wallet is a little bit confused, looking in the wrong place and therefore has some problems finding a connection. To help the wallet a bit you can close your wallet, delete the Geth folder (%appdata%\Auxilium\Geth), and restart the wallet.

:grey_question: My balance is zero, have I lost my coins?
:arrow_right_hook: No, unless you have deleted your keyfile(s). Always make a back-up of your keystore folder (%appdata%\Auxilium\Keystore). And of course don’t forget your password. If the balance in the wallet does not show the correct amount of AUX, the wallet is most likely not synchronised with the network.

  1. Go to to check the actual balance on your AUX-address.
  2. Compare the latest block on to the block in your wallet. If they are not the same (or far off) the wallet is not synced.

:grey_question: Where can I see my balance without using the wallet?
:arrow_right_hook: is the Auxilium blockchain explorer. This explorer can tell you exactly how many AUX is on your address.

:grey_question: How do I get rewards?
:arrow_right_hook: Everyone with AUX coins on an address in the desktop wallet will receive interest every 1st day of the month. Read more about the Auxilium Interest Distribution Platform on

:grey_question: Do I need to keep my wallet connected to earn rewards?
:arrow_right_hook: No. Once you added AUX to a desktop wallet address you can close the wallet, and shut down your computer. The interest is distributed over the blockchain and does not require any additional action or knowledge from the AUX-holder.

:grey_question: I still have problems after reading the FAQs and previous comments and solutions, what to do?
:arrow_right_hook: Please add your support question as a comment below. We’ll try and help you as soon as possible.

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Problems syncing the windows wallet?
We are working on improving the wallet.

Copy and save your keystore file before performing changes. You can find this keystore file here: %appdata%\auxilium\keystore (one keystore per created account).

  1. Close wallet
  2. Delete %appdata%\auxilium\geth
  3. Start wallet


sir my problem i cannot open the wallet. some times wallet ok some times not ok. i delete a suggestion sir Delete %appdata%\auxilium\geth. but cannot open.example.since block and all problem. i hope the coint me not lose . so what alternatif different wallet when some times i want transfer aux to sell or crypto exchange.


@geronimo We are working on fixing the windows wallet and it looks like the fix is found, it will need further fixes though. The deletion of ‘geth’ folder can sometimes help.

You coins are safe on the blockchain. For transferring the AUX from one address to another you indeed need te wallet at this point. We hope to have fixed the wallet before trading starts on the exchange.

Also we are working on a browser wallet plug-in for your internet browser to give more options for users.


Thank you very very much sir.i hope coint me still alive


Sir, how can I get the private keys to my wallet? Can I encrypt my wallet?


When creating an account/address you create a password. The keystore file, which you can find in %appdata%\Auxilium\keystore holds your account protected with your password. It is advised to copy the keystore file and save it some place safe.


hello everyone I have a big problem
here I opened an address under a simple contract but it finds it with an empty balance knowing that I made this contract at the very beginning of the opening auxilium
how is it that this address is empty of any AUX sent on it while the transactions have been accepted

more my auxilium wallet does not sync

yet on the block explore my account is well credited




@sp6men75 Our Windows wallet has a syncing issue on occasion which we acknowledge can be very frustrating and we apologise for the inconvenience. Our developers say they know where the issue lies and are working to resolve the issue as quickly but carefully, as possible. Also we do not advise creating contracts at this point, please only use wallet accounts for now until the syncing issue is resolved. As soon as the updated version is ready for release, we will let everyone know.

Did you try:
Copy and save your keystore file before performing changes. You can find this keystore file here: %appdata%\auxilium\keystore (one keystore per created account).

Close wallet
Delete %appdata%\auxilium\geth
Start wallet


thousand apologies anton everything works fine
I downloaded the wallet, delete the file geth with a little patience and everything is in order
sorry it was a lot of time that I had not opened where my amazement

thank you to you for your reactivity super nice
I thank you


@sp6men75 no problem. :slightly_smiling_face:
We are improving the wallet for a version 2, but in general version 1 should work on the level of account creation, safekeeping and sending AUX.


hello, here is my problem the transactions are not made any traces in the explorer and my accounts are not creditedaux2


@sp6men75 Are you using a general account address, or are you using a contract address?
We have said to avoid using contracts at the moment because of the windows sync issues for some users. Normal account addresses are working fine.


I am having problems getting the wallet to open. It is saying add node.dll and put it in the roaming folder. It is already in there. I also deleted the geth folder and saved my key.


@knnyblack which version of windows are you using? This message is sometimes seen when not supported windows versions try to connect. Older versions like XP are not supported, because of security reasons.


I am using the windows 10 version.


Well, that should work :slight_smile:

It is odd it states it cannot find the node.dll in your folder.

  1. Does this keep popping up? (also after a restart?)
  2. Have you tried downloading the wallet again with a fresh install to make sure all files are there? [Make sure to have a copy somewhere outside these folders of your keystore file!]


I downloaded a new wallet today and it opened and synced. How do I transfer my old wallet to the new one?


You will need your keystore files and copy them into the fresh download appdata keystore folder. Keystore can be found %appdata%\Auxilium_wallet\keystore

Keystore files are your AUX accounts/addresses.

But what do you mean with new wallet?