Where is 'swap.auxilium.global'


My AUX wallet is working and I want to swap my Sprouts…
Your site tells ‘3.Go to swap.auxilium.global and follow the instructions’ …but where I can find ‘swap.auxilium.global’??
http://explore.auxilium.global/blockchain/’ shows http 500 error and I can’t open it.
Where I must check??


swap.auxilium.global is the url of the swap.



Dear Mr.Anton,
With your reply I succeeded twice to swap Sprouts to Aux. Now my Auxilium wallet is working, with swapped Aux amount, and shows 260920 block at 18:03, 2018/07/23.
But my third swap is in ??? situation and I need your help.

I sent another amount of Sprout from my SproutHF wallet, as I did twice. I used same address.
Transaction details of my wallet shows: date:2018/07/21 00:09(Japan time) , status:2285 confirmations.
But it was not reflected yet in my Aux wallet. I think you wrote somewhere that it will be reflected in 30 minutes after some confirmations?

So what I can do? If necessary, I can send details of that transaction, including transaction ID to somebody.
(Always appreciating your hard efforts/generous help to the AUX community!!)


You can send me a private message with your details. Even better: I will send you a private message, so you know how to find me :wink:

I hope you have sent the Sprouts to a new HF address, and not the old chain address you transferred your first Sprouts to. Anyways: let me know in a reply to my private message.

Thanks for the kind words, appreciated :slight_smile:


I got your mail and thank you for your prompt reply.
I tried to answer to your mail, but it was refused by email server, because your Email address is "noreply@auxilium.global"
Please send me something, using other Email address.
Thank you.


You should be able to reply to my personal message.


I sent sprts to swap’s address {Sdw8CfeDW28dkNMu15RGS5nq5JBuTFVWiz 13000000sprts] , but you haven’t sent my wallet [0x9894F0c7d946a519446D16a849EA06C7c10153f3] yet . please check it.
Thank you.


I already answered you through Discord. According to the blockchain explorer the amount of AUX is sent. Please use explore.auxilium.global to make sure your AUX are on the address :slight_smile: