What is this forum for? 🤔

This forum is not active or something?
Why are the aux fans not contributing here?
Come on, make this community grow and develop. Its unfortunate if this forum is not used
@Anton @JamesAux
Make this community a big community.

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Most people are using social media, like our group chat in telegram.
Any ideas to improve user engagement on the forum? Happy to hear your suggestions! :slight_smile:


Hi @Riskayanti

As well as what @Anton has said, we’re also still a very small community and don’t have much liquidity yet.

Once we gain more liquidity (more and bigger exchanges) and as more people join our community, then I suspect we’ll see a steady rise in interaction here.

We’ve discussed holding votes for stuff and competitions as well, to increase participation and get people more involved in the forum.

Let’s see how the XT.com IEO goes next week as we’ll then have more of an idea how quickly we’re able to build everything else up from here.

The key to succeeding, especially when no ICO was held, is patience and persistence.

We will get there eventually, it’s just slow going for the moment.

Thanks though for showing such enthusiasm, it’s really appreciated.


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