Welcome new community members! We've airdropped 250 AUX to first airdrop participants


Dear Auxilium community,

We are in the middle of our successful airdrop promotion.

We’ve just airdropped 2156 X 250 AUX to all* who submitted their airdrop request before the 7th of November 12:00 CEST and want to welcome our new community members! Great to have you on board of one of the most unique and innovative cryptocurrency projects.


Those who submitted their airdrop request after 7th of November 12:00 CEST will receive their 250 AUX on the 2nd of December, same as those who still want to join and submit their request before 1st of December 12:00 CEST.

Information about the airdrop

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team

*Some people submitted the airdrop before 7th of November 12:00 CEST but didn’t complete the form, or did not check all requirements (e.g. following @auxiliumglobal on Twitter, retweeting our airdrop tweet, etc.). Some did check all requirements, but didn’t fill in a valid AUX address. Is this you? Please send Anton a PM with Twittername and AUX-address. If your information checks out we will send your 250 AUX with the next airdrop on the 2nd of December 2018.