Weekly update: close to listing, final internal swap!


Dear Auxilium Community,

Although it might seem very quiet around Auxilium there is a lot of movement behind the scenes in preparation for the first listing of AUX. We mentioned two weeks ago that listing would take a maximum of four weeks.

We will be listed on our first exchange within two weeks from now, which is very exciting!

With the exchange around the corner, price talk and predictions within the community are inevitable. We personally do not speculate on the price. For you who find it interesting, and want to have some more insight in how cryptocurrency prices are determined this article might be a good read: https://cointelegraph.com/explained/how-cryptocurrency-prices-work-explained

There are many things we are preparing, like for instance, a more well structured support platform. Please address all support questions here: https://forum.auxilium.global/c/support We will no longer answer (detailed) support questions on social media.

We are in talks with lawyers for the legal and business side of things and have also engaged a professional graphic design agency to assist further with branding.

As you probably know the Auxilium Team has been working voluntarily for a year now to make the launch of our unique movement with unique cryptocurrency happen.

Imagine what we can achieve with actual funds for research and development, marketing, listings, etc… We all hope of course, once listed AUX will become worth a decent amount over time, which means we can actually start investing in the organisation Auxilium Global and start utilising blockchain technology to do good.

Swap SPRTS for AUX
We are having a short internal swap for those who still want to swap their SPRTS for AUX.

We are not going to use the swap platform, because we are still not 100% sure if all Sprouts HF addresses are on the correct blockchain. To be sure the swap will be safe and fair we have decided to let community members apply the coming 24 hours by commenting below that they want to swap.

During and after this period we will contact these individuals to manually swap SPRTS for AUX.

Make sure you comment below within 24 hours (deadline 14th August, 18:00 CEST)

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)

eu quero tracar srouts


I want to do the swap but I do not know how to proceed, can you help me?


Everyone who wants to swap can mention it in a comment under this topic. We will contact you personally, through the forum, to make the swap happen. Make sure you have HF Sprouts. Sprouts on the new wallet, or on the exchange.


Hello Anton I would like to swap! Cant wait for this to be listed. Very exciting!


Would like to swap please


I want to exchange my sprouts for Auxilium


Please contact me. I still need to swap my Sprouts for Aux. I am on the coinexchange.io. Not sure where to start.


Please contact me. I’d like to participate in the Final swap.


I want to swap some more sprts.


I want to exchange my sprouts for Auxilium


I want to exchange my sprouts for Auxilium


HI, Hello, how are you ?

I was aware of the swap of Sprouts by Auxilium, and I would like help for the same since it should be made contact with you, exact?

I look forward to returning and thanks in advance.


Hi Anton. I am very delighted over the opportunity you have given us to swap again. I am very interested.

Thank you.


People still have until today 18:00 CEST (5 hours and 15 minutes from now) to apply for the final swap.


i want to swap sprouts (old or new hf? ,please) to AUX. , please kindly let me know what to do. thanks!


As the price is very low I am buying a little more, I also need the swap:wink:


I want to exchange my sprouts for Auxilium



“Make sure you comment below within 24 hours (deadline 14th August, 18:00 CEST)”

Deadline has been passed. Topic closed.
We will contact people who commented tomorrow. :slight_smile: