Web Browser Mining


I recently discovered web browser mining here. Would this be possible for Sprouts?


I’m not sure how that would go, since web mining is meant for PoW coins while sprouts is a PoS coin. (although a while back someone told me that sprouts’ PoW is still running, but I haven’t tested it, and it seemed virtually pointless, so…)


Great idea, it should actually work


used processing lol~. that possible need big resources


How cost effective would this be in relation to the broadband data that will be needed to do the mining?

Where I live Internet data is quite expensive, unlike first world countries where you get fair prices.

We even have campaigns like #datamustfall. https://www.thesouthafrican.com/datamustfall-campaign-to-slash-the-high-cost-of-data-starts-with-social-media-boycott-tomorrow/




Hello @Oogone
From my experience, using a single PC and a USB modem for browser mining the broadband data is not much taken. I tried mining BTC for 24/7 for 2 months continously, it just taking about 120MB - 180MB per day.

But, if you mining using Javascript @ JSON, it slighty more but not more than 250MB per day.

So, for AUX or SPRTS, i think it’s just the same.