Wallet wont sync


wallet wont sync i tried everything. Can anyone help me!!!


Looks like more people have the similar “on-off” issue.

Have put it on the list of actions. Hope to have an answer soon.

In the meanwhile: keep calm :slight_smile: There is always a solution.


ok will i still be eligible for the swap if my coins are on the blockchain?


My wallet has not connected to the netwrk for 3 days now… Does anyone know why?


Please send me a pm with screenshot of the %appdata%\sprouts file. I will try and support you through there.


How do I find that?


Cany anyone tell me why my Sprouts wallet won’t sync?

My sprouts.conf file is Pastebin and it’s saved in /user/application data/sprouts


Hi @jchowardjr,

If you open a Windows Explorer window:


In the address bar, you’d type %appdata% and hit enter.

You’d then be taken to your Roaming folder and should see a Sprouts folder within.


Hi @leopheard,

For testing purposes, would you please delete everything but the addnode lines and re try.

Also, just verifying, when you say " /user/application data/sprouts", you’re referring to your %appdata%/Sprouts, correct?



Thank you for your response… My wallet is working fine now…


Thanks for the response.

I’m using WINE under Ubuntu not Windows so my files are stored under:

/home/user/.wine/drive_c/users/user/Application Data/Sprouts
and also for some reason:

I’ve taken out those lines as suggested in both sprouts.config files and also opened up the relevant ports and forwarded them on my router. Still zero connections.

I just want to get my coins out of the wallet and onto a paper one or something because when the inevitable coinswap/burn happens, I don’t want them to be stuck in the wallet. I’ve at least exported the private/public keys for now.