Wallet still not working


I have done everything that people have said to do on this site and one the last site and so on and so on. My wallet still wont sync. I have 2bil sprouts that have been in limbo trying to get to my wallet. So how do I fix this since I’ve tried everything already


it’s just in maintenance have to wait we wait


@kurst666 1) Note that Sprouts is not our product, but because we always have been their for Sprouts holders we certainly will not drop you guys now. 2) You might have tried everything, but there must be something wrong in the settings or so; because the Sprouts wallet should work, although it might take very long to sync. Instead of creating a new topic, with the same issue, you could also contact one of the Auxilium Team. Please send me a private message with printscreen of 1) the wallet + 2) the %appdata%\sprouts folder. I will try and assist you from that point.

@sp6men75 The Auxilium wallet is in maintenance, yes. But the question is about the Sprouts wallet :wink: