Wallet Mobile for AUX

I have followed the airdrop program, then the problem arises because I do not have enough money to buy a pc … now my setup is getting deeper because all tasks are finished except I don’t have an aux address to claim the bonus.

When Mobile wallet ready to use ?


:iphone: Mobile wallet? We’re working on a mobile solution. We’ll have it finished before the end of the airdrop.

You can’t use Trustwallet yet, listing application is still in progress. Other mobile solution will follow soon.

Don’t worry, you’ll receive an email message once available. You can join the airdrop now, and add the AUX address later. :+1:t2:


Where we can found the AUX address?

Hi Jessica, please check out our wallets (and instruction video’s) on

If you’re depending on a mobile wallet please check the above message. :slightly_smiling_face:

For I read that the address can be add later. That’s why I’m quite. Please let me know when it is ready.


We’ll let you know when it’s ready :slight_smile: