Update 25th August: wallet, browser plug-in, branding, exchange


Dear Auxilium Community,

Another week has past and so it’s time to provide you with the latest news and information in our world.

Windows Wallet Sync Issues
Our Windows wallet still has a syncing issue on occasion which we acknowledge can be very frustrating and we apologise for the inconvenience.

Our developers say they know where the issue lies and are working to resolve the issue as quickly but carefully, as possible.

As soon as the updated version is ready for release, we will let everyone know.

Browser Plug-in
We mentioned in a recent post that we’ve been packaging up a web browser plug-in so that you have access to two wallets. The browser plug-in also enables use on mobile devices.

We have just finished branding the plug-in and are now testing everything from install to removal.

Once again, as soon as it’s ready for release, we will let everyone know.

Auxilium Branding
As we discussed in a recent post, we have engaged a professional design agency to create our brand for us.

Within the last couple of days we have revised and finalised the new branding which includes revised logo, colour palette and new website design. We are very happy with the work the agency has done for us and are excited to launch the new branding shortly.

Legal stuff
We have engaged a legal firm in Holland with specialist knowledge in cryptocurrencies and crypto businesses, and are working with them to ensure everything is as it should be.

Exchange listing
As you’ll know from our last announcement, we have been listed with Mercatox Exchange but our wallet with Mercatox is in maintenance mode until on or around the 27th GMT.

We’re counting down the hours until our wallet is out of maintenance mode and we’re available for trade. All being well, this will be the beginning of great things to come not only for AUX holders, but for everyone.

Kind regards,
Auxilium Global Team

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