Upcoming month: May 2018


Dear Auxilium community,

We have not been updating you as frequent as we have before. The reason for this is that we had to figure some things out at our end first in order to give you the most clear and fair view on where we stand at the moment and how the future is going to look; especially May 2018.

Like you know we have a small dedicated multidisciplinary team working on Auxilium, most likely the first cryptocurrency (coin) to launch Ethereum combined with PoS. It is a code that we, together with Applicature (partner blockchain company), created in our spare time and which needs testing due to its innovative and unique nature.

Applicature believes fully in Auxilium and the philanthropic and green philosophy behind it and allocates a lot of resources towards development, which is fantastic.

All costs made have come from our own pockets. To keep this an healthy process (e.g. balancing paid work with working on Auxilium), money wise, we have to take it one step at a time. In the future, when Auxilium gets listed on an exchange and we hopefully become successful, we can allocate the research and development funds in order to hire more developers, speed up the process and create even more features around Auxilium.

As community you can at least expect the following things from us in May 2018:

  • Publications on Steemit and Medium, first of all introducing Auxilium through the first publications and second of all to update the community and others interested about the progress and future goals.

  • The Auxilium Team is going to test the wallets on a private TestNet with altered configurations (e.g. less maturing period for staking) to speed up the private testing. We hope all adjustments made to the Proof of Stake mechanism, in combination with the Ethereum code, and the user-functionality within the wallet result in us feeling comfortable to launch a new TestNet for the altered wallet for a (hopefully) final run; before launching the MainNet, activating the swap platform, etc.

  • Display of use cases. Auxilium is a philanthropic and green cryptocurrency with endless functionality. The team already has some exciting use cases lined up. To protect our intellectual property, and to make sure nobody runs of with one or more of the ideas for use cases, we feel it is in our (and your) best interest not to publish them in full (all at once). However, we have found a way to give you a certain idea what we are planning which will be presented on our website in May.

  • Update the Auxilium.Global website.

  • Other points in May are dependent on the private and public TestNet. Whitepaper V2 for instance is dependent on the TestNet as we are aiming to also include technical information.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank you for your patience and your understanding. We are lucky with such an understanding community who appreciate the work that is being done, and realise that it is not about the quantity, but the quality, and not about shortterm gains, but about longterm world changing goals.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Team

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