Unlock for minting each time I open the wallet


I want to ask if there is a way to unlock the wallet for minting each time I open the wallet. I set the wallet open at start up. But when the wallet open, it is locked at default. I want to auto unlock it for minting along with opening at start up. Will removing locked password help ?


@demonchild That’s a very good idea! I’ve had many experiences on this matter. I’d like to hear about this also :slight_smile:


I have noticed this also, but trying some gui fix for this might introduce security problems. Say if someone wanted to access your coins they’d just need to reboot your computer and there would be the wallet unlocked (or your password laid bare) ready for them to withdraw your coins. Some fix for this would need further study.


So when your wallet is encrypted and close does it stop minting coins?


@arcmetal we should have a option that let user to set the wallet unlock along with run at startup. I have a schedule to reboot my PC everyday. So in order to mint coin, i need to check and unlock it each day which a bit troublesome matter

@blockgators As my knowledge, yes your wallet will stop mint coin if is is encrypted


All PoS coin’s wallets work like this and it is a good security feature. Back in 2014 wallets did not have “unlock for minting only” feature and some f**ker, I mean hacker, gained access to my one PC and stole all my Blackcoins, Mintcoins, Zeitcoins etc.
For me personally, the more security the better, even if a bit inconvenient.


can someone tell me how to uncrypt the Sprouts wallet after you encrypt it? Also, if your wallet is not emcrypted does it still mint when it is closed?


I think you’ll want to keep the wallet encrypted for your security. I’m not sure how to “un-encrypt” it once a password has been added.

To mint the wallet needs to be running, connected, synced up, and unlocked. If the wallet is turned off it won’t be minting, no matter if its encrypted or not encrypted.


@arcmetal So if the wallet is not encrypted, do it mint the coin by default? Or we need to encrypted then unencrypted in order to mint ?


A good question. I’d have to try that on a new wallet so see if it’ll mint by default if it has not been encrypted. I’ll test that tomorrow.

I do know that if you encrypt the wallet, then you need to go to “options”, and unlock the wallet to start minting. And like I mentioned above, I am not sure how to unencrypt a wallet after its been given a password.


Just to clarify, I thought I’d describe the terms a little better: encrypt and lock, when it comes to these wallets.

To encrypt the wallet, usually one starts with a new wallet, that has a new wallet.dat file that is not encrypted. Then the first time you add a passphrase (a password) to the wallet, it will encrypt the file: wallet.dat. And so now the wallet is encrypted.

Doing a quick search now I find that there currently is no way to remove that password (although it can be changed to something else), that is, there is no feature in these wallet applications that allow you to return the wallet to a state that is not encrypted. … I did read that they may add this feature in some future version, but it does not exist now.

Locking and unlocking the wallet is something else. Its what allows you to send and receive coins, among some other stuff. For example when you send some coins the wallet will ask for the passphrase, this unlocks the wallet, briefly, to send the coins, then it locks it again.

Locking and unlocking is also necessary for minting. If the wallet is locked, it will not stake any coins, so no new coins will ever be minted. To stake any coins you’d have to unlock the wallet (for minting only). This is why you have to enter the passphrase to unlock for staking.

I hope this clears it up a bit. :slight_smile:

So, to try and answer this OP you can test it. Start a brand new wallet that is not encrypted, send it some coins and see if it’ll start staking. It may accomplish what you seek. (I’ve never done it this way, its why I can’t really answer it)


@arcmetal thanks you. I will try to test it and report back later


Ok I found this thread about unlocking wallet using command
Since sprouts wallet based on peercoin wallet, I think it will have “sproutsd” file too. Anyway I can’t found this file anywhere. Do anyone have this file?
I enter command “sprouts -?” in sprouts folder and it list “srpoutsd” command in help windows.


That link is a good find. Thank you.

I believe that you can unlock the wallet for staking by entering the following command into the debug window:

walletpassphrase yourwalletpassword 99999999 true

But its not something I’d advise since it leaves your passphrase written out as text into the debug window, and anyone that happens upon your PC can open up the wallet and read the passphrase. So its a bad security risk. An unnecessary risk since the sprouts’ gui allows you to unlock it without the need to enter the above command into the debug window.

Concerning the sproutsd file, I believe that a linux daemon would need to be compiled from source. I am not sure if that has been done. It would be good to get that done for the future wallet.


@arcmetal yes I can do it via the debug window. Anyway I need the sproutsd file because I want to unlock the wallet via windows command.

The PC which has my minting wallet, has script to reboot every times that is frozen or has problem. I have already set opening the sprouts wallet each startup, but it will become locking. So if I have the sproutsd file in windows, I can write a bat file that do “sproutsd walletpassphrase yourwalletpassword 99999999 true” after the wallet is open.

It will be great if the future wallet has this file. The peercoin wallet already had this file and people easily unlock the wallet via command. I understand that is a bad security risk to write down your pass, but sometimes people need it to automate the process.

In the end, I had to send all sprouts to unencrypt wallet for minting which is no security at all T.T


Ah, so then it does work automatically with an unencrypted wallet.dat file?


@arcmetal I’m not sure yet my friend. Since I just resent all sprouts to an unencrypted wallet yesterday. However, yes, based on my research, the wallet will mint as default if you leave it unencrypted ( as least with peercoin which sprouts is based on ). I will report back when I get first minting coin


Try state when stake auto unlock. When wallet keep secure. That maybe new featured when new chain control secure as base core chain. This majority of new technology replace block chain. When evochain can removed log chain only base data. The real data keep secure at server


Ok after a week, I just got my first staking reward :slight_smile: Yes I can confirm that your wallet will mint as default if you leave it unencrypted


This is good to know.