Tutorial on how to backup a Wallet


Can somebody take me threw this process to a complete back-up sprouts wallet / move a wallet to other pc / to restore a back-up when somebody should be going wrong?

I think this could be usefull for other members too

Thanks in advance


Most of the time, when you first install a sprouts wallet, the “wallet.dat” file is stored on a PC running windows 7 in the following location:


You can just use a file manager like windows explorer to copy the “wallet.dat” file to another directory. Then make multiple copies of the “wallet.dat” file and stash them in other locations for better security, like a CD, another PC, a flash drive, etc.

It can be renamed from “wallet.dat” to whatever you want, something like “sprouts_saved_wallet_oct_2017.dat” to help you recall which wallet this is.

I’d recommend doing this often. And, this is critical, be sure you have added a password to the wallet to encrypt it, before copying it somewhere else. If you don’t encrypt the wallet.dat file, anyone can steal that file, pop it into a sprouts wallet of their own and move your coins off to another wallet (thus stealing your coins).

With an encrypted wallet, if somehow, someone (even a virus) was able to steal your wallet.dat files, they would not be able to move any coins off of it if they don’t have your password.

So, always encrypt the wallet.dat files, keep the copies safe, and don’t forget the password.

I have directories that contain files that look like this:


If at some point you need to re-install the wallet, or install it on another PC, you’d simply copy and rename the “sprouts_saved_wallet_oct_2017.dat” to “wallet.dat”. Then copy the “wallet.dat” file you just created back to the new roaming directory:


The above “roaming” directory is the coin’s data directory. It can be created anywhere, like a secondary drive, by adding an inline option to the wallet executable… but this is another story.


Well explained which is appreciated.
I did made a few copies already on wallet.dat but didn’t know 100% sure this was the way to do it.

So i’ll just copy wallet.dat and move it a secure location.


Wallet.dat and I’m copy blk files. But I never backup since I run on ssd secured. My sprouts on f://wallet/sprouts/data


So I downloaded the new file and extracted to my %appdata%… still same error…
I copied the wallet.dat file to my other computer and clean install there … but still same error what now?


Used this tutor easy found block chain and wallet. + This fixed one.


Additional fixed. Try reinstall vc++ 2008, 2015 or used new one 2017 fixed x64. If x86 do same thing. Sometimes vc++ os run bug. Repair needed.


Downloaded file and extracted same error
Moved backedup wallet.dat on other computer worked
Moved current wallet.dat and same error code on other computer

What now?

gives me this error in debug (can’t upload debug here on forum)
ERROR: CTransaction::CheckTransaction() : txout.nValue too high
ERROR: CTxMemPool::accept() : CheckTransaction failed


Did you edit .bat file?run .bat File maybe chain broken. Make sure backup chain for that used last comment I merge put snapshot to data and try edit and run bat


Thanks for the support,
I fixed it I just put my old wallet.dat and resynchronized with network
All transaction received
Fixed it


No problem. Soon as possible new chain will fixed bug like this. For emision logic old chain will be fixed. And people will swap.


Great to know…
Seems like wallet.dat was broken… couldn’t fixed it with updating blockchain…
Luckely I backed up old wallet.dat


Yeah when swap backup again :slight_smile:


I’ll keep updating this manually!
Would be much easier if we setup in new wallet maybe file location and auto-backup…
just in case…


Nice idea I usually backup used command app. Try later on Linux program


Bună, fratele meu încearcă să facă un portofel de rezervă pe un alt calculator, înainte de a transfera monedele din schimb în portofel. el a copiat date pe PC noi, dar deschide un nou portofel când face asta. nu cea veche. de ce nu poate face o copie de rezerva? he must transfer the coins, first? but if , after, i lose the wallet and no back up left? sorry for such questions, but I am not very skillful, mulțumesc foarte mult



Trebuie să copiați dosarul C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Sprouts pe calculatorul de rezervă.

Acest dosar conține fișierul wallet.dat.


You must copy C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Sprouts folder to the backup computer.

This folder contains the wallet.dat file.


Used my method easy. Because directory your put is configure in safe place. And easy copy wallet.dat or all block chain so no need copy back


I want to ask that is this possible to have the access of the backup of the wallet from then ios devices. I have an iPhone and I need to know that how it can be done from ios devices.
iTunes error 9