Transaction not executed


I successfully swapped my SPRTS-HF to AUX.
Next I tried to move AUX to “Wallet Contracts”.
I executed the operation, but Transaction Status is “Transaction not executed”.
In the transaction message, “THE TRANSACTION DIDN’T SEEM TO HAVE ENOUGH GAS TO EXECUTE” is displayed.
Have I lost my AUX?


Hi @gisumoru,

You’ve mentioned that you received the message ‘Transaction not executed’. Do you still see your AUX in the original address?

There is an issue with the Windows wallet currently regarding wallet contracts and we have posted a number of warnings about it, letting people know not to try creating a wallet contract. That being said, don’t panic. We will sort you out.

First off, as you received the error, ‘Transaction not executed’, can you tell me if the coins are still in the original address or if they’ve gone?

Please would you PM me your original AUX address.


Hi @James,

Thank you for contacting us.
I sent PM, please confirm.


I’ve replied to your PM.

For anyone else reading this, please don’t use the wallet contract feature of the wallet right now as there is a bug that will prevent you from accessing your wallet contract and any AUX you’d send there.

If you do create a wallet contract, your AUX are safe and on the blockchain, just not currently accessible.

We’re working to correct the bug as a matter of high priority and once we have the fix, we’ll let everyone know.