Taking longer to mint?


I normally mint in about 7 days but this last stake is already at 11 days. Any change here?


Just wait a little longer. 5 days is average. My experience is that how longer you mint how more accurate the wallet becomes. In the beginning it also took longer for my rewards.


I’m noticing that back in July the difficulty was around 20k, and these days its just over 50k. This might make it harder to stake.


Same here even network for sprouts traffic


My current staking is now running 14 days. 99.75% stake in 24 hours and 4.07% stake in 10 minutes. Those percentages are going up rather slowly. I hope I stake before any of these major changes take affect.



sprouts difficulty

This probably says its all…


Yep. It means that there are less dead wallets now than there were in April of 2017.


Completely understand but I’ve been averaging 6-7 day stakes for the last 2 months until this last one.


Difficult will high to solve I think same as mining


Are changes affecting staking? I’ve been staking 20 days at 99.99% probability in 24 hours. I hope I get my stake before the coin reduction.


I am interested will the difficult also be affected by reduction? Or our sprouts ammount will be reduced and difficult stay the same? Or there will be another reward system at all?


Hope we added Difficult control logic on sprouts+. So easy stake.


Any changes? How is it going?


I can only estimate an answer to this, but the difficulty in staking would remain the same it is today if the number of wallets staking remains the same (so, if the number of wallets that are staking shrinks, then the difficulty will go down, and vice versa).

As far as I know the only change to the reward system will only be to reduce the percentage anyone receives from a stake. This is meant to reduce the total inflation rate for the coin in general from around 200% to 500% (annualized) that it is today, to a more reasonable smaller number.


As I understand since today’s information about Sprouts+. It means the new currency at all. So we just exchange Sprouts to Sprouts+ so that is how the reward will be changed and the difficulty will be different at all.
But this is just my assumption.


As I know new chain diff will be lower :smile:


I gave up. 24 days staking. I’m not confident chopping off zeros to reduce size will improve price. I dumped my lot. I’ll come back after you fork if it still looks viable.



If you’ve dumped your holdings then this is likely too late… Was going to ask you for some details to try to assist.


He just not patient.


Well it is interesting.
I have one transaction 101 M for 17 days staking
And I had one transaction 98 M for 6 days staking.
98 already staked on the 6th and 100 M is still minting ((