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Hi, there is a very strange bug on my wallet.
Until last night it was all ok, but today i check and all my auxilium is not on my wallet contract anymore, becouse i moved all my auxilium from my account1 to my wallet contract, but it should stay there and it’s not


@Wilsam99 I will send you a private message. Maybe we can sort it looking at it together.


Hello, After July 11, will you be able to change the sprouts?thank you


We have set the end date at 11th July. Most likely we will stop swapping SPRTS to AUX by then.


So when i open up the wallet I either get a notice saying no geth or something, no nodes found? or i get the loading circle that when alone spins for hours
Please help


It says “couldn’t connect to the node”


@Heavyfoot all will be good. I will send you a private message to offer you support :slightly_smiling_face:


couldn’t connect to the node


Did you try and press OK and restart?
If you continue having problems please contact me through private message :slight_smile:

Your coins are always safe on the blockchain.


I wanted to do an additional swap, but sprts wallet had a sync error, and I couldn’t do it by the deadline. Sorry.:cry:


@dmarkness To bad your sprts wallet had an error. Good news: there will be a new swap soon for hard forked Sprouts (exchange and new wallet). People with Sprouts on old wallet can swap if they add ‘wallet.dat’ file old wallet to new wallet and use new wallet for swap. :slightly_smiling_face: