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Thanks for the update. Glad it all worked as it should.


Dear sir
When and which exchange AUX will listed for trading


This week we will start contacting exchanges. It is the exchanges who decide who they will list and who they will not list. So we can unfortunately not say where we will list, it is not as simple as just applying and getting listed for sure. We will certainly do our best to list soon after the swap.


Hy! What is the swap rate?



SPRTS total supply \ 300 million = R
Your amount SPRTS \ R = Your amount of AUX

Swap rate is variable, because of the increasing SPRTS total supply. So swapping sooner is better than later.


I sent 10.000.000 sprouts and i received 201 aux :frowning:


Yes, that is correct. This is because of the hyperinflated Sprouts.
You may check the calculation yourself.
Remember our total supply will also only be between 200 and 500 million, and not 13+ trillion. :slight_smile:


here is the exact amount with proof in support of a screenshot if needed
according to your calculation

14,936 129,099 500/300000000 = 49787.09699833333

3,097,782 148 81 my sprouts / 49787,09699833333 = 62220,70315544218

so why I received only 42 thousand AUX instead of 62 thousand AUX
the numbers do not lie they are the


why do you delete posts the truth te gene anton ???


@sp6men75 because 1) no need to post 3 messages in a row (spam), and 2 most important you call Auxilium a scam, which we are not.

Instead of asking support you directly conclude it is a scam…childish.

I sent you a PM message. This message to be exact:

Our swap platform is in maintenance at the moment. We store all data, and will send you your 20.000 AUX. This is not a scam. We just have to make a change in the swap platform. You probably have used the same SPRTS address 3x with the same amount of SPRTS.

Please never call us a scam. First communicate/ask in the future…we could have solved this in a civil way.

Contact me so we can get this fixed next time…

Please send me:
SPRTS address sent
SPRTS address sent to
AUX address

When the swap platform is back up we will handle your problem.


I downloaded AUX WALLET and joined the SWAP. Synchronized smoothly. When checking with Task Manager, is CPU mining is high, is it mining? Also, although some were successful in swapping, the last SPRTS remittance does not reflect AUX. So, when I close WALLET and start it again, WALLET is not synchronized. Has any problem occurred in the block chain?


@dmarkness no problem with the block chain. Please read our latest update:

The swap platform has been in maintenance for a short while. All swap requests sent just before the maintenance are safe. They will arrive as soon as possible. Please contact us through DM if you have been waiting longer than 1 hour for your swapped AUX to come through. We are busy putting the swap platform back online. Thanks for your patience.

Please DM me if you need support


Hi, i would like to know if there is any stake/mint reward if using a wallet contract instead of a basic account on my auxilium wallet, thanks


There is the interest of the AID platform. Monthly interest %. No stake/mint reward.


Yes sorry, i meant that, in any case will i see my first % interest in 30 exact days?


In August the AID platform will be up :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest in Auxilium.
If you have questions about the wallet and/or swap, please first click the link below providing FAQs and answers that probably will help you. Every minute spent on doing a bit of own research will save us hours of answering questions.
Thank you! :blush::+1:



Hi all,

Just a quick note to expand on Anton’s post.

We discovered a bug about four hours ago in the swap platform that meant people who have swapped using the same Sprouts address provided by the swap platform, on multiple occasions, were not receiving all the AUX they were entitled to.

We have since corrected the bug for all new swap transactions with newly assigned Sprouts addresses but will need to manually finalise the swap process for the 21 people affected by the bug.

By all means, let us know if you realise you’re missing some AUX however we are already aware of those affected by the bug based on extensive data logging, and will take steps within the next 24 hours, to make good and complete the pending swap transactions for these people.

We apologise the the inconvenience.


Yes, is correct. Thanks!