Swap support: ask your questions here!


Dear Auxilium Community,

The swap date has been announced (21st of June 2018). In the past months we have published a lot of information on the swap. The support page on our website, with the FAQ’s, is a good example.

However, we can understand you might still have some questions.

Please add all questions related to the swap in this thread. We would appreciate it if you took the time to read the questions and answers of previous community members before asking your question(s) here. We will try and answer your question(s) within 1 day.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team


Swap Announcement [Swap SPRTS - AUXILIUM 21st June]


Where do I need to send test AUX coins back?


Hi @Fierze

We have stopped the TestNet a while ago. The TestNet AUX are for testing only. You do not per se have to send them back somewhere.

If we restart the public TestNet for the PoS testing we will inform you all.


What will happen to SPRTS holders? Shall we keep the balance in the exchange?


Like stated in the short-list on this forum the SPRTS will be swapped for AUX. So if you have SPRTS on the exchange you swap them for AUX through the swap platform which we will launch. If you do not wish to swap you do not have to undertake action, and you will keep your SPRTS.