Dear Auxilium community,

The long awaited moment has arrived. The swap platform is open for business!

SPRTS holders can swap to AUX now, until 11th of July 23:59 CEST.

Our advise is to keep your SPRTS in the old Sprouts wallet to make sure no complications arise when swapping on our swap platform according to the instructions on same.

How do I swap?

  1. Download and install an Auxilium wallet (auxilium.global/downloads)
  2. Have your SPRTS wallet ready on desktop or exchange
  3. Go to swap.auxilium.global and follow the instructions

Only swap through swap.auxilium.global. Do not send sprts to an AUX address.
Go to swap.auxilium.global and follow instructions step-by-step.

Thanks for believing in Auxilium, your continued support and your patience.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

Please note

Important warning:

  1. make sure you have a back-up of your Sprouts wallet.dat before swapping, to be safe
  2. do not attempt to send 2 billion SPRTS or more in one transaction; There is a bug in the Sprouts wallet which will crash your wallet and make it hard to recover your Sprouts.

Swapping from old Sprouts wallet
Until 11th July 23:59 CEST (initial enddate)

Swapping from exchanges, new Sprouts wallet
Until 6th July 17:00 CEST (this is 00:00 7th July JST, time of hard fork)
Don’t try and swap SPRTS from exchange or new Sprouts wallet (released 18th June) after 6th July 17:00 CEST.

Checking your AUX address

Need support?


Swap support: ask your questions here!
Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Is that normal that when we start the first time AUX wallet, it stays essentially white with a blue turning circle.
I guess yes, and it is syncing… but usually with other wallets, the wallet opens fully, we can navigate inside it during this initial syncing process.


@Altcoinlover The wallet is experiencing some connectivity issues, my wallet stays like this for a few minutes, but then it opens and syncs.


as for me, it stiks like that for ever (more than 90 min).

I also now got an error message about installing a “geth node” version


I clicked on “OK”, it closed the wallet.

I reopened the wallet… After a few sec, the wallet finally opened.

As I seem to have “solve” the issue of the error message and bad wallet display, I thought to delete my message, but then decided to leave it in case someone would get the same issue, and just see that it can solve itself just by clicking on the OK button of the error message, and then reopening the wallet


We are doing our best to optimize connectivity. Especially for Windows users. The network is running great, although the windows wallet sometimes has troubles keeping connected.

The loading from scratch can take a while and is normal. It is trying to import the whole blockchain. Anyways: work in progress.

Once you have created the AUX address you can swap with no problems.


Finally, right, as I tried to describe later, while accepting the error windows, it went well.

I now initiated the swap and will check in a few hours if completed.

Thanks for your work and dedication