Swap Announcement [Swap SPRTS - AUXILIUM 21st June]


Subject: change of strategy, launch/swap “around the corner”

Date: 1st of June 2018

Dear Auxilium Community,

Our PoS implementation while mostly complete, is not yet up to scratch and realistically requires many more months of testing and bug fixing before we’d feel comfortable launching it onto a MainNet.

It goes without saying that the PoS code and implementation needs to be flawless, stable and reliable at launch and we’re just not there yet.

This leaves us with a dilemma as we’d like to get the ball rolling, get the swap happening and get the organisation up and running. We’d like to start the movement, start helping others.

On top of everything else, we have been working against the clock to protect the Auxilium brand and feel we can wait no longer.

We have decided to launch Auxilium using PoW to start things off. While not ideal and certainly not totally aligned with our philosophy, it’s a start at least and gives us the opportunity to gradually get familiar with the market, grow our community, build a network and start working on use cases.

In order to offset the use of PoW which is not as green and environmentally friendly as PoS, we are planning to plant trees, parallel to block creation on the Auxilium blockchain at least until we switch to our PoS implementation.

We’re still working on getting our PoS implementation finished and when we feel it’s ready, we will open the TestNet up once again to the community for final testing and once complete, we will initiate a transfer of all community members from Auxilium PoW, across to Auxilium AEPoS.

So, where does this leave us all?

We aim to start swapping Sprouts for Auxilium on our swap platform on the 21st of June 2018. The swap period of three weeks will last from 21st June – 11th of July 2018. At the same time as the swap commences, we will initiate the exchange listing process.

We have created a thread on the forum for those who have questions (about the swap). We will do our very best to answer all questions within a day. Please try and direct all questions to this thread only.

We appreciate your patience and are very grateful for your continued support. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

announcement Auxilium swap.pdf (59.3 KB)

timeline swap Auxilium.pdf (37.7 KB)


Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Questions? Please direct them here. Thank you :slight_smile:


What will be the next excuse on June 21?


No excuses @taciocordeiro, only the reality of trying to start something with nothing.

No time and no money means we’re swimming against the tide, so to speak.

On the up side, it’s entirely on us (the Auxilium Team) to make it work. If we don’t succeed, we lose out as well as those we’d like to help. If we succeed, then we all stand to win.

Feel free to leave Auxilium for now, if you’re unhappy with our progress. Check back in if we do succeed.



we need to have patience with a unique and innovative code, we will allow time for team auxilium to work on the project. :blush::blush::blush:


I just read the white paper for SPRTS and it says they are not having a swap but a hard fork upgrade. They as well say that you can leave the coins on an exchange to support the upgrade. There is conflicting information between you two, please explain.


Hi @Lilliand did we by any chance just reply to your same question on Twitter?

Auxilium is an opportunity for sprts holders. Auxilium is a different cryptocurrency started by Sprouts holders as a reaction to neglect of previous Sprouts devs. The hard fork option came later, but unlike Auxilium it does not solve the hyperinflated state, amongst other issues.

As you can see on auxilium.global and this forum Auxilium is a different project, started by Sprouts holders. A global movement to use blockchain to do good.



Everybody interested in the upcoming swap, please read this great news:


Please I would like to ask for something from @auxiliumcloblas, can I be made a promoter of this coin after its successful swapping in my country? Kindly reply me directly on my Twitter handle @onwa_dan thanks for ur immediate feedback.


I’m asking for the permission to be made auxilium coin promoter in my country after its successful swapping. Kindly reply me directly on my Twitter handle @onwa_Dan. Thanks!


@Onwadan we already had contact through Twitter. Again: your offer is very much appreciated. You can always send a PM on there or on here. Let’s keep in contact (after the swap)! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much for the immediate feedback. I sincerely appreciate. Meanwhile, I will definitely keep you posted after the swap.


cpuld u Please tell the ratio of

swap is
sprts ○: 1 auxilium ?


@bant please check this document, for ratio and other questions: Short-list Info Auxilium Swap


Is the swap officially started or are we still waiting?

I cannot find out by myself :wink:


swap.auxilium.global @Altcoinlover


@Anton sorry, I don’t catch your answer…

what does it mean?

I guess you refer to a post of something… but without the real URL, not obvious for a new person in this forum


There was a problem in wallet windows, as soon as it is fixed the swap will start, we should wait a few more days.