Support required - wallet not staking successfully for 2 months


I WOULD BE GLAD to stake!!!

In, I posted several time on BTCtalk about the fact that since
the beginning of the year, I ONLY GET ghosts, and never anymore
a real staking reward.

I have good number of coins in my wallet, it is ALWAYS onlinne .

Before I was able to get a reward at least every week for a good amount of coins…

I would be glad to finally get an answer to this issue…

WHY the wallet stopped staking and ONLY get ghosts???


It stopped due to the difficulty that increased, there are many people with large quantities betting, AI for those who have small amounts is increasingly difficult to receive.


thanks for the reply. Yep, it makes sense… just that I did not think it would be so drastical… for 1 stake a week or more to nothing in 3 months :wink: