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For any doubt, you can mark me on the forúm as in the discord or telegram from Tuesday to Saturday I have more hours available for support to investors Auxilium.:muscle:


AUX wallet on Mercatox gone to maintenance mode since 17 of Sept.
Well before the maintenance started I sent test ammount for 400 aux there, and they were sent, but… no AUX on my wallet since 17…
Hope after the maintenance I will see those AUXs on my balance.


They should be allright. They sent a message out not to long ago.

I also had contact with the exchange. AUX wallet, and others, will be back up soon.


I did not receive the monthly AUX reward in my wallet, I followed my wallet in explorer

I only received the reward on 01/09/2018. From 01/10/2018 I did not receive it.

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Hi @wtomtom,

Thank you for letting us know. I’ll look at this today and fix the issue.

We’re still sorting out the bugs and error reporting. I had intended to have it finished before this last AID distribution but got caught up with other priorities.

We will go now and double check each of the payouts to find and fix any other problems.

I’ve just completed the AID distribution verification process and have re run the job. You have now received your AID payout. Sorry for the delay.

We will ensure that all future AID distributions will be error free and reporting properly.


OK thank you.

@kamal5117 you asked:
I have Aux in desktop windows wallet… Am I eligible for airdrop & interest ?”

Please post future questions here, not in the roadmap section.

Answer: holders with AUX in desktop wallet receive monthly interest indeed. If you have properly entered the airdrop you are able to receive AUX on there also.


Hi. Very well. Good luck

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@Anton Telegram Airdrop bot doesn’t work properly, I can’t input my wallet address.
The sequence:

  1. I’ve completed all the tasks
  2. I entered AUX wallet address
  3. Bot offered me to recheck it in order to ensure it’s correct and press either ‘confirm’ or ‘back’ buttons
  4. I’ve pressed ‘back’
  5. Retried to input the address pressing ‘Submit your Auxilium Wallet address’
  6. Wrote down the address and sent. I did it several times
  7. Bot didn’t react anymore to my several attempts. While other functions are OK

My telegram username is @ildarman1
AUX wallet address: 0xf22d7027685AD37EE36FA5fe8A9257b2c50bff60

I just don’t want my airdrop to be wasted

Here is screenshot

When wallet for android rilis??

Hi @Iamcrypto,

We’re building the android wallet currently and hope to have it ready for launch in October.

We are working hard to get this done quickly as we know many people don’t have a desktop and rely on mobile apps.

Please answer my inquery

Hi @ildarman,
My apologies. I had hoped @Anton would see this and answer it last night. We’re going to have to wait for @Anton as he set this up and knows far more about it than I do.

Hang in there. @Anton will reply within the next 12 hours.

@JamesAux he didn’t:(

Hi again @ildarman,
I’ve chatted with @Anton and he will get back to you. He has been super busy with the XT IEO.

I apologise for the delay. We will resolve your issues.


Hello, thanks for your detailed question.

It seems the bot states that you needed to confirm the correct address the first time. Confirming that you could only submit once. So what you’re saying is that back doesn’t give you the option to go back? If so it might be a bug that needs fixing.

Exactly, that’s what I m talking about.
As you see bot’s response ‘action has been cancelled’ means I pressed ‘Back’ button. But after that neither of my attempts to input the wallet address were accepted. It just doesn’t react. When I press ‘Submit your Auxilium Wallet address’ the bot offers me to input it, but when I submit it gives no response and my address isn’t reflected in my profile. Indeed, it requires fixing.

Thanks for letting us know.
I’ll contact the bot developer.
Have a good day!