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As you might know social media can have a great impact on business. Same for cryptocurrencies.

Following, liking, sharing Auxilium content on social media will certainly help boost Auxilium. This boost can be gaining popularity, creating a positive sentiment, and could even directly result in an increase of the marketvalue.

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People are following Sprouts+ on social media. The community backing us on social media is very important. Do you have facebook, twitter or telegram? Please follow Sprouts+! :+1:


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We have reached 30+ followers on Facebook which made is possible to pick a shorter url. The url is updated. :slight_smile:

Sharing Sprouts+ with your list friends on facebook for instance can contribute to the amount of followers which will result in more organic views of potential Sprouts+ investors. In short: sharing Sprouts+ is good for (the value of) your holdings. :wink:


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You can use this group to chat with other Sprouts+ community members and/or enthusiasts.


You might like to “up vote” the Reddit link?
It seems you have to be a member for 10 days, plus have 20 comments before you can post. We will work on this.


Follow, like, share, retweet, etc. to spread the word and to help build a bigger and stronger community! :+1:

After the Sprouts+ walletlaunch we will start our (social media) marketing campagnes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Reddit seems to work now :slight_smile:


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The amount of followers has increased fast the past week!

We are near 500 community members on the forum and have more than 100 followers on each Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. The more people following, retweeting, liking, mentioning Sprouts+ in large social media groups, etc. the more people who hear about Sprouts+.

All free promotion, and all very good for the value of all of our future holdings, including yours.

After the swap we will have marketing funds to make the numbers of followers (potential buyers of Sprouts+) skyrocket, but for now: every support is extra helpful to make the launch as successful as possible.

Spread the word! :loudspeaker: :grinning:





Dear Sprouts+ family, please check out and upvote our Reddit post.
If we have 30 upvotes we can start our own official Sprouts+ subreddit :seedling::smiley::heart_eyes:


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