Staking is working, parameters need fine-tuning. TestNet stays online


Dear community,

The good news is that staking is now working from within the wallet. We have had our first successful stake today! However, the staking parameters need fine-tuning as the staking rewards are greater than they should be. We’re working on a solution.

We’ll leave the TestNet running as we’re still gaining valuable data for the overall network, performance, etc, but please note, we will be working to resolve this most recent discovery and will make changes and issue further notices as and when required.

Thanks again for your assistance and please be assured, we’re more keen than ever, to get this 100% complete and stable so that we’re than able to launch the MainNet and swap, as soon as possible.

For those who are TestNet Volunteers make sure to be on the correct chain by following instructions that can be found in the TestNet category on this forum:

The Auxilium Team