Stake your sprts while waiting for the swap


Bought sprts and waiting for the swap to Auxilium? It does not matter if you leave your sprts on an exchange or in the wallet for swap. However we advise to try and stake your coins in the wallet while you wait. You can find out how on the Auxilium forum:

Keep in mind that due to hyperinflation it can take longer to get a staking reward.

We have been informing and supporting all Sprouts holders from the beginning and will continu doing so untill the swap.

Question? Please read through the forum, most questions already have been answered about the wallet and the staking.


As mentioned in the February 19th update, you can stake your Sprouts online at BTCPop!

Sprouts Exchange



I WOULD BE GLAD to stake!!!

In, I posted several time on BTCtalk about the fact that since
the beginning of the year, I ONLY GET ghost, and never anymore
a real staking reward.

I have good number of coins in my wallet, and before I was able to get a reward
at least every week for a good amount…

I would be glad to finally get an answer to this issue…

WHY the wallet stopped staking and ONLY get ghosts???


It stopped due to the difficulty that increased, there are many people with large quantities betting, AI for those who have small amounts is increasingly difficult to receive.