SPRTS transfer missing



Could someone help me with missing transfer please? I sent 3m SPRTS from wallet to CoinExchange yesterday night at 22:51 (11.1. EET +2). Transfer is still unconfirmed and I cannot find this transfer in blockchain explorer… Tried to search with the address and TXID, but no matches.

My wallet is fully synced and i have previously received coins with no problems at all.

Wallet still shows the transfer as unconfirmed and explorer has no trace of this transfer…
Status: 0/unconfirmed
Timestamp: 11.1.2018 22:51
To: Coinexchange SPRTS wallet address


Did you confirm the transfer through Coinexchange.io by clicking verification withdrawal link in email?



I sent from sprouts wallet to CoinExchange.io wallet so there is no confirmation to that direction.
I got a message in BitCoin talk to check if I have difference between block height in my wallet vs explorer. I will check this after work since my work laptop cannot access sprouts network. If there is a difference between blocks I will rebuild my blockchain and recreate my wallet.

I’ll get back to you later if above tip doesn’t sort my problem out. Thanks in advance!


Yes, sorry did not read it correctly. Assuming you were going to send it to the wallet. It might indeed be your blockchain not being up-to-date. This will resolve itself probably if you have enough active connections.

Hope it works out.