Sprts+ coin


Hello guys … Firstly i want to thanks everyone try to make that community better and trust in sprts coin

I want to ask about when the swap time excatly!
And how much coins i would get if i have 500 mil
And what’s the official price after the fork! … could sprts+ hit $1!!



Holy cow… 500 Mil! thats crazy. wish i had a fraction of that, lol


If you buy sprouts last year, you can get that amount with very cheap price ( around 300$ i think ). Anyway about swap ratio, it depend of total supply at the swap time. Assume it is 2T, 500M ( your current sprots ) / (2T / 500M ( total supply sprouts+ ) )* * 60/100 ( - 40% premine ) = 75k
And there is no such thing as the official price. This is cryptocurrency, it can be 1$ or 1 penny or even lower, who know. If you invest into cryptocurrency, you should ready to take the risk here.


Thank you for the reply. I am just getting into investing in Crypto … Do you think its worth it to buy at todays prices? the whole swap thing scares me… It happened with the B3 coin… now I believe its the KB3 coin, its like every 100,000 B3 = 100 KB3 … I’m still learning lol


B3 to KB3. They just simple change the coin name and reduce like x1000 times. Nothing new ( based on my research, i may wrong … )

Sprouts+ is different coin than sprouts. Sprouts based on peercoin, sprouts+ based on ETH with POS ( which is new ). I don’t give a advice in a investment ( actually i never do it ). You must decide it based on your research.

Personal, it is hard to decide buy now or later. The price of it is high now. You will also lost 40% after swap. But if you can mint the coin and there is enough time, you can make up some % lost here. The price of sprouts+ after swap is unpredictable. Since the coin is POS coin, people will need to hold in the wallet in order to mint it. The 8% mint rate per year is not high either so we may not see many coin in the market and the price may high. But if the whale decide to dump it or something is not going well, the price will low or even unrecovery. Who knows? This is a math we need to resolve before investing anything.

In the end, there is a important thing in cryptocurrency investing. It is the faith. I believe in sprouts+ and its dev team. That why i bought the coin when it was still dead and hold it till now ( look at the price of sprouts last year and you will understand what i mean ). I’m able to earn some profit now and hold almost for swap. Of course, I did enough research myself before put my faith into Sprouts+.


I think Musprint saying 500mil of sprouts tokens, not usd


Thanks Guys!