Sproutsplus+ Friend Help Me


I checked at https://chainz.cryptoid.info/sprts/6 and my coin says Not yet redeemed, so let me know how to fix it.

My wallet address is SMbE1KC6c5MpqwA3uQmpvubG4mM7Rb5eTT



  1. is the total blockchain downloaded on your wallet (is the wallet synchronized with the network?)
  2. do you have connections with the network?

I think your wallet is not fully updated/synchronized although it might seem so.
You might have sent your coins to the wallet before it was synchronized.

What to do now? Just wait for the blocks to come in. :slight_smile:


1 synchronized wallet
2 You are connected to a network.
3 All the other coins are in.
4 Too much time lag
I need help.