Sprouts to sprouts +





Send your email, please, are you Brazilian? Have Skype?




My skype nigros-x-brasil




Buds will go down again, a decrease in the total of your marketcap? or it will stay like this at this momentSprouts


still cheap


but my question is that it has happened, that it has 200 btc of mcp and they are removed but this time it has 101, it has not gone down for days! I miss it, that’s why I consult

PD: Forgive my English, I’m from the Latin American community, I’m still working on my English!


Don’t worry (to much) about Sprouts value. It is mostly based on Sprouts code, features, etc…which we all know is near death.

Sprouts+ value however is interesting and which we will know after launch. We all should see Sprouts and Sprouts+ more apart from each other. When Sprouts+ goes to the market it will be valued as a complete different currency.


I do not say it for the price, but to buy more sprouts, right now I got the money and I realize that it raised its price and that caused me the doubt if it would go down or continue at the same price


@Matiascarm hard to say. Could have an huge change in 24 hours, or could stay the same.

My rule is always: if you doubt, don’t do.