Sprouts to sprouts +


@aricyk Good luck!


@aricyk As long as you haven’t sent any coins to your wallet, and if and only if you have no coins currently in your wallet, then it is safe to “delete” all sprouts files and start over. But I’d never recommend this.

Its always better to always make a copy of the “wallet.dat” file before any more experimenting.

The “wallet.dat” is normally found within this directory:


Just make a copy of it, put it in some other directory that you have created, and rename it to something like: “saved_sprouts_wallet_Dec_7_2017.dat” …

Its preferred that the “wallet.dat” files are copied and saved after you have added a passphrase. This way, if the file is stolen, it can’t be used unless the passphrase is entered.

Only after you have done this, can one proceed to try all sorts of stuff. It never hurts to have plenty of copies of the “wallet.dat” files. They are small files and they take up very little space.

Your problems connecting to the network could be caused by one of a few possible things: 1) something in your network is blocking connections, a firewall setting, etc… 2) your sprouts configuration file “sprouts.conf” is not setup correctly, or 3) your executable isn’t setup correctly (that is, its the wrong version, or its not in its own separate directory, or its missing the dll files, and so on).


when will the change from sprouts to sprout plus be made? you are going to teach us how to make the exchange? Do we have to have the coins in the sprotus wallet for the exchange?


Hi Thezorro,

All being well, we will have launched SProuts+ before Jan 1. We will explain clearly what will be required if you choose to swap your Sprouts for Sprouts+, yes.

You will need to hold your Sprouts in a local wallet in order for the swap to occur.


hello I bought them from coinexchange and I have them there, now I have to change them to a sprouts wallet? and which is because I’ve always used coinexchange


Hi Thezorro,

If you choose to swap from Sprouts to Sprouts+, you will need to install the current Sprouts wallet and move your Sprouts from coinexchange to your local wallet.

The swap process requires your coins be in a local wallet.

We will have guides available on how to swap Sprouts for Sprouts+ and can help people who struggle to make the transition.


thanks for responding so fast, can you send the url to download the purse so I can make the exchange? thank you very much.

another question the price of sprotus has risen more than 500% what do you say if you can know?


I am looking forward to the clearest guidelines for installing the current portfolio, as I have been a member since the beginning of this community and I have never been able to install with the guidance given so far, due to being several people and I suggest that ADM do a tutorial here in the simple forum practical and UNIQUE to finally get clear to everyone.


Strange you still can not, basically is to install the wallet, and add the nodes in the file sprouts.conf, my wallet is running since 05/08/2017 without connection problems.


you can put this conf file. to download here in the forum? because I can not install it at all.


I do not have so much experience in the business this is one of the first coins I invest.


I really believe in the project so my rush to solve this question.


I’ve just uploaded sprouts.conf to Mega, the link below is for download.



@k.herick and others still having problems. We try our very best to explain everything in detail. We also have created many topics on this forum with step by step guidelines.

Creating another (same) full tutorial will not solve the problem I feel, as we will tell the same story.
We are very busy with Sprouts+ at the moment. Not that we do not want to help, but…Creating another full tutorial for Sprouts, which we will not be using within weeks, does not seem logical.

We would love to help you again when online. The conf file like mentoined by @Rodpalmeira is crucial and can be found on the forum.

I am at work at the moment.

A (video) tutorial for the swap and installing of Sprouts+ wallet we can certainly do. :+1:


Videos tutorials like this one from navcoin helps people a lot, I believe this would be a template to be followed.


Hello, along with say hello that makes a query, because at this moment it springs this cost 0.000001 usd? in the marketcap, is on the way to 1 satoshi, what is happening to what is this rise?


@Matiascarm Could you elaborate please? :slight_smile:


that’s what I’m talking about.


You are an absolute STAR!!! Thank you so much I downloaded this and it started downloading the blocks within seconds :smiley: Still waiting for those to download but it is defo a step further than I have been in the last few weeks :smiley: Thanks a lot!!!


works with the dlls and exe. inside the same folder as the rest of the files?