Sprouts to sprouts +


It is possible to transfer sprouts to sprouts +? How?


As far as I read it is not possible yet. they will announce when this becomes possible. keep an eye on the forums :slight_smile:


@Virus01 what @aricyk says is correct. We are aiming to launch the Sprouts+ wallet 1st of January 2018. Untill then we will provide the community with updates.

Following us on social media is our adviced if you want to get instant updates on your smartphone.


is the new wallet, when it is ready, also available for mac?


@SkySpacer It is our aim to also include Mac.


okay thanks. that would be nice. Keep up the good work! :+1::+1:


@skyspacer I can confirm there will be compatibility for Mac(book) users.


that sounds good. although I think I’ve lost everything to coingather scammers. they have been offline for 2 days now.


@Gonnabetya I just downloaded the version 2.2.2 and I get 0 active connecrions to sprouts network. are there any additional settings that I should make? Thanks


Don’t worry. Think there is enough info on the forum to help you out :slight_smile:
One topic for instance is: https://sprouts.community/t/one-example-of-getting-wallet-to-sync-as-of-sept-2017/129


@aricyk It just sounds like you haven’t setup your sprouts configuration file (sprouts.conf). The directions that @Gonnabetya has linked should help.


Hi GB … Im new to all this … i did manage to buy some sprout on nova exchange… there gonna close their exchange down soon , and i have no idea where to send them to or what im suppose to do with them could you help me please thanx


either download the wallet on ur pc or otherwise i currently use coinexchange to store them. they only charge 1 sprouts for transfer at a later date


Hi, sorry, I have my sprouts at coinexchange.io what should I do? move them to the sprouts wallet now or wait until January 1


I think you should move them to your sprouts wallet

  • First you can stake it
  • Second it safer than leave it in exchange wallet

Just make sure that you sync your wallet first before sending anything and make some small tranfer first before sending them all


Yes, we have the recent example of CoinGather.
They suddenly disappeared, causing losses to some of the users owning coins at their exchange wallet.


@demonchild this is indeed the best
@POD5 correct, sad situation with coingather


Arcmetal I have been trying every suggestion on the site and I cannot get it to work :frowning: the wallet opens but it says 0 active connections to Sprouts network. I have now idea where I am going wrong :frowning:


Did you by any chance check the box for the proxy? I think I accidentally did that once, nothing helped… except undoing the checkbox for proxy. Think it is under connection tab in wallet? (not sure as I am not on the computer)


I did not enable to proxy :frowning: I really don’t understand what I am doiny wrong but I will try again over the weekend. Ill try to delete all sprouts data off the pc and start over. I have over 500.000.000 sprouts on coin exchange but I would rather have them in my own wallet. Ill let you know if I have any luck in getting it set up :slight_smile: