Sprouts (SPRTS) to Auxilium (AUX) swap checklist


Dear Auxilium community,

We have created a ‘Sprouts (SPRTS) to Auxilium (AUX) swap checklist’.

What do you need and how will it work?

We hope this will give you a good idea of what you can expect the 21st of June 2018.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

swapchecklistauxilium.pdf (238.7 KB)

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)

Wow! great. It’s so easy just like to eat a pizza. :sunglasses:


Eating a pizza is indeed very easy…would love a pizza now :grin:

Glad it is clear enough, we try to make it as easy as possible.


Hi guys, the swap start or end the 21 June? Thx:)


Yes. :star_struck:


Hi @Ale1112,

The swap starts on the 21st of June.


the link is not up yet


Dear Auxilium community,
The swap is in sight! We have been working day and night to prepare the swap platform and wallets for the swap of sprts to AUX on 21st June. We’ll announce time of the swap asap. Please keep in mind there are different timezones.
Kind regards,
Auxilium Team

@inspiron this will answer your question I think :slight_smile:


Yes waiting for swap i have more then 5B coin :slight_smile:



The new wallet x64 for windows keeps showing me this? Is it normal for the wallet to sync or am I lagging?


Have you closed and reopened yet?


@Rodpalmeira: Yes, i have tryed many times, i can’t figure out what is wrong. If i removed some crucial files when i removed the old auxilium wallet?


For some users the wallet is slow to open, let it open to see if it loads the user interface, mine took about 10 minutes, but now it is normal.


Still nothing, i kept it open for 2hours :open_mouth:


I will private message you @pureminer.


Had the same problem. Waited for several hours it started, but then new similar laggs appeared. But I fixed this.
Suppose you participated in AUX BetaTest so you have 2 folders that have left which must be deleted.
Check this notification in the TestNet group, here you will find the location
of these 2 folders https://forum.auxilium.global/t/auxilium-wallet/1739