Sprouts.conf: further fix for getting wallet to sync on win7, win10


Getting the wallet to sync up can still be a problem on win7 or win10 machines even after adding in a sprouts.conf configuration file.

The problem is with the file name’s extensions hiding on those OSes.

I came across this while trying to help knnyblack with a wallet that wouldn’t connect to any peers even after we had placed a sprouts.conf file in its proper location of:

Within win10 the file extensions are hidden by default. So when we used the windows explorer (window’s file manager) to create a text file called sprouts.conf … it actually created a file called sprouts.conf.txt
But since the file extensions were hidden, we could only see its file name as sprouts.conf

The sprouts.exe wallet is searching for a file called sprouts.conf, not for one named sprouts.conf.txt … And so the nodes are never added, and the wallet can’t find peers, so it doesn’t start syncing.

The solution is to make file extensions visible in win10 (or win7):

A full description can be found here: http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/26/

Essentially, open file explorer then:

file explorer --> view tab --> file name extensions (check this box to make them visible)

With the file name extensions now visible go back and check the file name of the sprouts configuration file, for example in this similar directory:


If the config file has a name like sprouts.conf.txt, just rename it as sprouts.conf and restart the wallet.


Thanks once again for getting my wallet to sync. I look forward to chatting and hopefully working with you in the future on projects surrounding Sprouts.