Some question about minting


Okie since this is first time i mint a coin. So i have some questions. Hope everybody will help me. My wallet minting current like below


What does columns Age, CoinDay, MintProbability mean?
When will i know that my coin mint successful? Will it auto add to my wallet balance?
I keep about 25M to mint about 1 weeks, then I send more 100M to this wallet. Did my wallet remint again when I send more money to minting wallet?



If you change the “display minting probability within” to have it say 24 hours it’ll give you a better indication of your chances of minting new coins that day.

MintProbability means the probability that the block of coins will mint new coins. So if it says 60%, then there is a 6 in 10 chance that it’ll mint new coins within that time period.

I see in your image there that there is a 0.01% chance one of your blocks will mint some new coins within the next 10 minutes. That’s a 1 in 10,000 chance it’ll mint some new coins in about 10 minutes.


@arcmetal thanks for your answer. I have another question
When will i know that my coin mint successful? Will it auto add to my wallet balance?
I have mint for 2 weeks till now. But I still haven’t see any coin that added to my balance.
At first I sent 25M for minting
Then 3-4 day later, I sent another 100M
1 week later, I sent more 25M
When I send more sprouts to minting wallet, do it continue minting or remint again?
I heard that we need to use some tool to collect coin from blocks. Do it necessary this this case ?
Sorry for many questions, this is the first time I mint coin


Yes, the coins will appear as a transaction sent to your wallet. The coins will simply add to your current balance.

If you move coins around, send or receive, I’ve noticed that it will lock the wallet after the transaction. So if you wish to continue minting you’ll have to make sure the wallet is set to be unlocked for minting.

It is better if you’ve sent all of those coins to one address (one block). The probability of minting new coins depends on the time they have sat, and the total amount in that block.

It’ll start minting new coins in about 5 days, but its random, and you may not get any coins until 10 days (or more) have passed. It depends on your luck.

This is the coincontrol tools that are in the wallet. Its not necessary to use it in the beginning if you have yet to see your first minted coins. Those tools become useful after you have been minting for a long time and a lot of little blocks have been produced. The tool can be used to consolidate those little blocks into one big block to improve your chances, to help the network, etc… Or, if you have somewhere near 1.5 billion or more in one block, you can use it to break up the block, since if the size gets near 2 billion, it won’t mint any coins.


@arcmetal Thanks you. I’m more understand now. I alway unlock the wallet again after the transaction. I think the problem is that I sent many small transaction, so the minting block is not large enough. I will create new address and send all balance there to combine block


That will do it too.