Sell book SPRTS and swap


Hi All,

whilst on CE (Buying SPRTS!), I noticed that there are billions of SPRTS on order books (for sale). I wondered as to whether these are swappable? If not, perhaps clarification is needed?


People will have to swap their own Sprouts to Auxilium through the to come swap platform. No obligation. Action is needed from those who wish to grab the opportunity. We will instruct all beforehand and will leave 3 weeks to swap.

The biggest sellwall will be on the BTC market, this is because the price is lower than 1 satoshi.


I would like to tell that I AM REALLY WORRIED about the EXTREMELLY short timing for the swap.

Sorry, but 3 weeks, is WAY TOO SHORT… and even for myself, I am worried to miss it!

We even don’t have a time frame to when it will be starting… so not able to have an agendra entry :wink:


We feel 3 weeks is long enough. We will inform about the swap interval (the dates) beforehand. It will give people a lot of time to swap. The swap can be done quick and easy.


sorry for my long time to reply…

Again, just to share that I disagree.

But perhaps this is what you want, not to have many people
swap their SPROUT to Auxilium ;-).

I have good chances to miss it myself… as I am certainly not following, even monthly,
a project which has no agenda in advance for that importat step
and willing to give only a really limited time…

will it be in 1 month, in 6 months?

If at least we would have a time frame…

I just discover that the official bitcointalk for SPROUT available from coinmarket cap
is now pretty new and apparently from another team…
They are stating that they are NOT auxilium…

That is becoming pretty “interesting” to watch…


We always have said we are not the Sprouts development team. We are Sprouts holders who started a movement. At the moment there is a Japanese community working on Sprouts, as there has been a different team the past months (but abandoned it again).

Auxilium is an opportunity for Sprouts holders who want to swap to a cryptocurrency/coin with unique and innovative code, limitless functionality, real use (cases), that can be one of the cryptocurrency doing good to the world through blockchain technology.

The accusation that the Auxilium team is trying to minimise the amount of people swapping is absurd. We always have been there for the Sprouts Community and always will.

We are the one development team who has been the most open and transparant, and reaching out to everyone in public, and who set this whole revival in motion.

The reason why we do not set a date is that we have learned that this code needs more testing than we first thought. Nothing we can not get done, but it needs time and with that we have multiple variables playing part that can influence the outcome every week.

Everyone can choose their own path. For now Auxilium is the project that is focussing on innovative blockchain technology, Ethereum (Smartcontracts) with PoS.

We will also inform the Auxilium community, fellow Sprouts holders, of the progress of the Sprouts coin. You can see I already have asked several critical questions on Bitcointalk concerning the possible hard fork. Alias: gonnabetya. Why? To be able to inform as many people as possible about the progress of Sprouts whenever there are major changes made which might affect the Sprouts holder.


We are looking forward to the development of AUX, and I am sure many know that coding takes time, even more when it comes to innovation. To calm some of the animosity of some investors, you could be informed of little progress, without giving important information about the code.

People get a little impatient with the lack of information, even knowing that dev team is working a lot, well we can be a little more active in social media, and so inform our communities around the world.


Sure that might be an idea, we have been less active. But that is also because we do not want to sound repetitive. Although we do make progress it might sometimes sound like we are not. Mind you we update you less than a week ago with the Medium publication :wink::+1: