Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Dear Auxilium Community,

An update from us.

Sometimes it can seem a bit silent, but rest assured: we truly are doing our very best to dedicate as much as time possible to Auxilium. Read more…
Auxilium Update 11th April 2018.pdf (38.7 KB)

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

What else is on the agenda this and next week?
We are also working on for instance the legal side of things, making sure everything is according to rules and regulations. And in line with this an official disclaimer which will be added to the swap platform to make sure all is according to legal standards, and protecting: you as investors and Auxilium community, the Auxilium team members and the Auxilium brand/cryptocurrency. Just to give you an idea on the diversity and complexity of subjects we are working on. We are building an organisation from the ground up.

We take Auxilium very serious as many of you know. We do not want to be “just another cryptocurrency”, we want to be a global organisation focussed on doing good. And we are getting there step by step.


Is there any way you can post the updates without using a pdf. Ive had too many problems in the past with security issues. I dont know you well enough to download this pdf :smiley:


Auxilium Update 11th April 2018

Dear Auxilium Community,

This past nine months we (the team) have spent working to build Auxilium from the ground up. This journey has been full of learning potential and we’d like to think we have utilised most of that potential and put it to good use.

Our goal, which is to create a truly unique and global organisation and movement, based around philanthropic views and opinions, a movement that is able to affect real change for the better, on a global scale, is what continues to drive us forward.

Sure, it has been slow going at times but we are making progress and we will not stop until we have achieved what we set out to achieve.

Regarding the state of code currently, we have staking (POS) working on our Ethereum-based cryptocurrency (Auxilium). We have a series of objectives we’re trying to achieve with the code and our implementation of POS and have come up against a few hurdles along the way but we are making progress and eventually, clearing each hurdle in our path.

We are acutely aware of the market and time sensitivity to launching Auxilium and we are just as, if not more eager than you, regarding getting the wallet and blockchain fully functional, stable and listed. We have stated all along though, we feel strongly about quality over quantity, and so we persevere.

We continue to operate currently in our spare time, besides our jobs and managing businesses, and this will be the case until such time as Auxilium is listed and (all being well) worth something. All being well, after listing, we will be provided enough resources to dedicate more time.

We apologise for the extended delays and hope you understand why it’s taking a while to launch the swap, MainNet and exchange listings. We sincerely appreciate your on-going support.

Kind regards,
Auxilium Team


Dear Auxilium community,

We hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend and wish you a wonderful week!

This week we continue our work on the wallet; that is our primary task. While we strive to develop the best possible unique and innovative wallet for you we also keep in mind time is also an important component in the process.

‘The last mile is the longest.’ But we will certainly get there; step by step with our longterm philanthropic and green goals in mind.

As soon as we have news you can be sure to find it on all of our online platforms.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team



Temporarily closed TestNet category on forum.
We have been using this environment this week for development testing and will continue doing so.
To prevent eventual confusion for TestNet Volunteers we have temporarily closed the TestNet category.
It will be opened when we continue continue public testing.
We will inform you when when this is the case.


Dear Auxilium community,

We can understand you are very eager for Auxilium to launch. We also can’t wait for that magical moment!

Just to make sure you don’t feel you are missing some crucial information we will update you every 24 hours. Starting now. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Auxilium Team


Today’s agenda:

  • Whitepaper v2, fine-tuning;
  • Whitepaper v2, discuss publication date;
  • Move and connect to new private Auxilium Global Github;
  • Update nodes and reconfigure faucet for new private testing.

Stay tuned!


Yesterday’s agenda points :white_check_mark:
Still working on: faucet.

Today’s agenda:

  • Whitepaper v2, branding;
  • Monitor wallets on private testnet.

Tomorrow is Sunday, a day we will use to get some rest.

Have a good weekend!

Stay tuned!


We hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Today’s agenda:

  • Multiple contact moments team;
  • Evaluation wallet functionality;
  • Release publication date Whitepaper v2;
  • Work on new Medium publication;
  • Plan this weeks agenda.

Have a great week!


Dear Auxilium community,

As stated in today’s agenda we would release the publication date of the whitepaper v2. The whitepaper v2 will be published 21st May 2018.

We will continue updating you on a daily basis.

All the best!

Auxilium Team


Today’s agenda:

  • Evaluation wallet functionality (part 2);
    – Focus on reliability results private testing new code;
    – Discuss feasibility short- and midterm goals wallet;
  • Work on new Medium publication;

Stay tuned!


Looking into different opportunities to speed up the swap from sprts to auxilium cryptocurrency. We always try to act in the community’s best interest. Having several contact moments today with the team to reflect on the outcome of past evaluations and options.


The Auxilium Team empathises with her followers that a swap date would be pleasant. Eagerness to swap is not the issue. We are trying to set up a new strategy to realisticly publish a swap date (sooner). Your patience is much appreciated.


Dear Auxilium community,

We have made a decision on a new strategy. Goal: a quicker launch and setting a swap date. This weekend we will work to reorder “pieces of the puzzle” so we can update you on the specifics next week.

We wish you a great weekend!

The Auxilium Team


We have created the fundament for a quicker launch/swap. This week we will set up a new development environment. In line with this new strategy we are adjusting the whitepaper. We expect to finish whitepaper and timeline end of this week. Stay tuned!


Like mentioned in our previous update we are speeding up the process with a new strategy. We have been “checking boxes” at the expected pace. We are very eager to launch a sprts to auxilium cryptocurrency swap date. We are happy this week is looking good so far.


Read the latest Medium publication of Auxilium!
Don’t forget to “applaud” if you enjoyed reading :slight_smile:


Hi chaps, a good read, although the grammar and spelling is all over the place, you must get an English speaking (pref non-american) person to check/adapt before you publish.
I particularly like the aspirational statements and overall ambition for Auxilium. However there is insufficient detail in Auxilium’s plan as to how it will tackle the fundamental social issues it seeks to challenge.
Obviously the first question for the ‘privileged’ Auxilium investor is ‘what does that mean to me financially?’ As any serious investment has to be sustainable, transparent and rewarding, even in a philanthropic manner, it’s difficult to see how a financial investment will result in a better world.
Without the detail the statement just becomes an interesting read instead of an enticing and informative promotion of the currency.
Yours supportively


Dear Guy,
Thank you for your time to write a reply. We have had a lot of positive comments on the article. It is good to also have some points of reflection.
I wrote the text and indeed, I am not a native. You have a point there it would be good to have others review it more often. However, we do our very best with the time we have to get the word out, while others work on the development for instance.
I have taken your points on board and appreciate you taking the time.
Be sure we will inform you on use cases that will explain more about how buying Auxilium can help the world, and be valuable. And how this hopefully also may reflect in the value of the coin, your investment.
Kind regards,