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When will the swap happen and what exchange will be used for the swap?


Hello the swap will happen after the final testnet has been successful.
We will use our own swap platform on the website specially design to securely swap the Sprouts for Sprouts+. We are working on the website, and swap platform that belongs to it, as we speak.
Keep updated by following one or more platforms we are active on. We also update all platforms at the same time when we have news and will far beforehand mention when we will swap. But for now the final testnet is the first thing coming up.


:construction_worker_man: Next until swap Sprouts to Sprouts+

  1. Prepare final testnet
  1. Final test #Ethereum #PoS
  2. Prepare swap platform
  3. Launch website
  4. Announce swap, launch wallet, open swap platform
  • #Windows, #iOS, #Linux
  1. Swap



I have my Sprouts on Coinexchange. How will I be able to swap for Sprouts +?

Any idea what date the Swap will take place? Will it be this month?






The move of the Forum to SproutsPlus.Community was a success as was the launch of Discord. :slightly_smiling_face::seedling:

Swap platform, testnet and website are reaching final stages. We are happy with the progress.

All will be in line soon for test of Sprouts+ (ethereum code-base with pos) before swap from sprts to Sprouts+

Exciting next weeks.

We will update all volunteers for the testnet when we are ready to test.



First Sprouts+ weekly video update! You asked, we delivered :wink:

Spread the word! :seedling::grin:


@sp6men75 please check out the info above. You will find your answer about the release of the Sprouts+ wallet here. No need to create an extra topic :grinning:



Dear Sprouts+ Community,
We will be uploading the weekly video tomorrow (tuesday) instead of today, so we can include the outcome of our conference call, with the latest on the swap, whitepaper v2, website, wallet, and more.


Dear Sprouts+ Community, check out our weekly video update! Like promised on tuesday!
If you have any additional questions please check:


Very Good! I buy Yesterday Sprouts. I would like to know where I need to put now. Thanks for your help.



Keep holding or install the Windows wallet and begin staking if you feel comfortable setting that up.

We will announce the launch of the TestNet, MainNet and swap, when they’re ready.


Dear Auxilium Community,

No video update this week. We are working hard to try and finalize some essential elements of Auxilium asap to reward your patience and support. Swap from sprts to Auxilium is still on.

Questions? Please read the fact sheet first. Thanks. Again: your patience is much appreciated. We try and launch some essentials asap. Copying is easy, innovation takes time.

The Auxilium Team


Dear amazing Auxilium community,

Our weekly video update (12th Feb):
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Together moving towards the swap of sprts to Auxilium cryptocurrency.

First to combine Ethereum, Smartcontracts and PoS


Just a message to make sure you know we are still doing our very best and working hard besides our daily jobs/lives to get Auxilium set up. We have high standards and feel great responsibility for your holdings. Quality over quantity. Have a good day! :blush::+1::earth_africa::heart:#cryptocurrency


“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” - Aristotle


Dear Auxilium Community,

Since the majority does not watch* the video updates we have decided for this week to create a short list with easy to understand pointers to give insight in the process.

What are we working on?

We have recently rebranded from Sprouts+ to Auxilium, and have had a lot of comments on the current branding. Mostly very positive. In the process we have decided to take the rebranding to a next level, to attract a wider public and to stand out even more from other cryptocurrencies.
Branding is very important. The logo, the name, the philosophy, the colours, the shapes, etc. all have to come together as the perfect representation of Auxilium and her community. As this is a key factor of the business, on which we build further, it takes time to develop. We chose to keep developing and evolving behind the scenes and to launch the new brand fully finished before swap rather than to change the brand a few more times after launch.

We are testing the wallets ourselves to make sure they will be fully functioning, or at least as good as possible, before TestNet. We are testing language, transactions, smartcontracts, multi-signature contracts, peers, overall stability of the network, functionality of internal links/menu, account creation, etc. Having to deal with our totally new code it will need far more testing than cryptocurrencies who just simply copy code from another cryptocurrency. Our code is unique and innovative and consists of Ethereum, PoS and Smartcontracts.
The Auxilium wallet looks great, is easy to download, install and use and will be compatible for windows, mac and linux.

A cropped screenshot; showing the wallet being live on the Auxilium Testnet! The 47.66 AUX displayed are test coins, we have not launched yet.


At the moment we are rebranding the website we already had to the next level standards. The smallest detail can sometimes make an huge difference. We also have to take in mind that the website will have to match the ideas we have for the wallets, social media platforms, forum, and future applications and platforms.

For the TestNet we have created a faucet, so people can obtain TestNet Auxilium to test the network with. The faucet is working.

Swap Platform
In order to swap SPRTS to Auxilium we need a swap platform. To be sure the swap will be easy, quick and save we will host a swap platform on our own website. The swap platform can be fully tested when the Auxilium wallet has been tested.

What can/should you do in the meanwhile with your SPRTS?
Nothing per se.
You can swap your SPRTS with an address on an exchange or in the sprts wallet. It is possible for people with windows to stake their sprts, and try and gain rewards while waiting. But considering the current hyperinflated situation you will need a great amount of sprts to gain a reward as soon as the 5 day estimation. Most people staking will have to wait weeks before they recieve their first staking reward. BTCPop seems to allow people to stake their coins online. Always inspect the place you deposit your cryptocurrency on and make sure you protect your holdings as good as possible (e.g. password, two-factor authentification, etc.).

Need support?
Please contact us through a personal message.

Please keep in mind we all have jobs, a family, and need to eat, sleep, etc. We are doing the best we can as volunteers within this project. We have been working very hard on Auxilium besides our daily lives, and some even take on less clients within their business to make time for Auxilium.
If all goes well after the launch the 24% research and development premine will give us more opportunities to take time off from work and dedicate more time to Auxilium.

We appreciate and admire your patience.

Wish you all the best,

The Auxilium Team

*We have concluded this, because of the relative low view count and overall questions, that could have been answered through watching the video(s).

Stake your sprts while waiting for the swap

Check out our website!