Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Just a message to show we are still alive. :wink:

At times like these, while we are coding the Sprouts+ wallet, there is mostly work being done behind de scenes and it is hard to tell for investors what is happening.

We are also finishing our first list of exchanges to contact to list Sprouts+.

We all admire your patience so far. :slight_smile:

The launch date (before) 1st of January 2018 is still our aim.


While the Sprouts+ development team is coding, the Sprouts+ wallet with Ethereum code and PoS and smart contracts for the necessary functionality, we are also working on (…) behind the scenes:

  • Whitepaper V1.0 (nearly finished)
  • Marketing campagne for after the launch of Sprouts+ (finished)
  • Contacting exchanges (ongoing)


Thanks for all your hard work @Gonnabetya and team!


Hello @Gonnabetya, we are making progress, can you say something at the moment?


Whitepaper Sprouts+ (v1.0)! :seedling:

:white_check_mark: Another step closer to the launch of Sprouts+!


Thank you!


Hi all!

We will come with a few more updates next week.
The coding is going very well, which makes us very excited. :smiley:

We will let you share in this excitement soon.
As you all know we try to do everything very carefull, factual and detailed. So before we bring more updates to the public we have to check some stuff first.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy! :smile:



We have made great progress on the Sprouts+ website today! :grin: Exciting times.

We will post an update on the swap tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

Anything specific you guys would like to see on the website?


swap gonna be this year or next year? because i saw in old post that you guys were talking about the end of this year … and the website gonna realease this year?




so should i coin in our desktop wallet, or leave in exchange?


@inspiron Desktop wallet is always the best place to keep your coins :slight_smile: Also for the swap.


actually i have few in exchanges.
only 99% of my wallet,
7+ B sprouts still in wallet,

BTW old chain still running or not?


@inspiron yes guess so, maybe not running…walking maybe haha
Going offline now. Putting most or all in wallet will be best :slight_smile:

Updating everybody tomorrow on all platforms we are active on. :seedling:


Thanks team. So exciting, next year will be our big year :slight_smile:



Hello Team Can someone help me understand this plz ? This ‘CoinDay’ why i don’t see it in my actual balance ? What should i do to claim them ? Will i be able to swap them too ?



Coinday has nothing to do with your holdings @ross13
Balance is your holdings.



Sign me up for final testnet Sprouts