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After all the votes made by team dev, for the improvement of Sprouts, this new forum and even all information already posted in this forum.

Does a currency need at least 1.5 years to 3 years of development, so that it reaches its peak, without a financing like we would? I think 40% is enough to make it 3 years.

Well, the price, actually the value dropped a lot, but due to the high BTC, with that all the altcoins fell and with the sprouts was no different.

Anyway, I hope for news soon and see a dev team very dedicated, with the project sprouts.

It would be great if more people left their opinion to have a sense of what the community thinks.


Perhaps, the swap should not be implemented until the market cap is above


Untitled-2 I didn’t see anything else on the market drop like this:


@stclair please allow a few minutes of reflection on what I am about to say. It’s going to be harsh but we really want to succeed.

You do not have any Sprouts, look at the charts of the past 7 days and see that the price is very low at the moment, think it is interesting enough to create an account on the forum…but then the first thing you do is post a comment filled with assumptions. And “kindly” demand we as development team should be more compromising so you will invest?

How do you think the development team, or a member of the development team would react? … Exactly… Yes, that already does not sound very compromising from my side, but you could have expected that after your implications and assumptions in your above comment about the development team and your demanding tone. As you have read the forum you would have read our explainations about the 40% premine, the allocation of the funds, our longterm vision, etc…

We have explained everything very clear on multiple occassions. And also have made very clear that the swap, with 40% premine is a choice. You could also keep your Sprouts as Sprouts.

We do not only have good intensions, we have a good team to back our ideas and have engaged the community for nearly everything. Except the in our eyes necessary 40% premine, of which we only use the 24%. By telling us “we can keep” the 16%, plus the 12% you proposed which would make 28%, and would be enough for the team to invest over 1,5 years shows you did not understand what we will be doing with the 16%. The 16% is a reserve, which will not be touched by the development team to invest and will be burnt most likely. That leaves us with 24% over 3 years to really make quality investments, keep the development team on board and make Sprouts+ a cryptocurrency with the latest tech, features and great functionality which can really do good to the world.

If we thought we could do it with 20% we would have done it with 20%, if we thought we could do it with 1% we would have done it with 1%…But we need 24% to invest and 16% as reserve.

You feel 28% over 1,5 years should be enough, but 40% (of which we only invest 24%) over 3 years is crazy? Our mentioned premine of 40% is relatively lower than your proposed 28%.

Considering your suggestion to only invest for the first 1,5 years: 1) shows that you are most likely only aiming on shortterm goals, which we are not and 2) do not know how a big business works (businessbudgets are always minimal 2 till 3 years ahead).

Considering your opinion that the most growth will come from the the first year (2018): what theory do you have to back this? Let’s take the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency out there and compare it to your theory…

Considering your assumption that the price is low because of the premine announcement: in the first case we have created a positive sentiment which had lifted the price since June. Of course some people are not directly in favour of the premine, and yes you can see that reflected in the price. But it is a combination of the very high bitcoinprice, the high total supply, plus people in anticipation of new updates. And do not forget, that the price would have been as low, and maybe even lower, as it is now if we did not do anything from June untill now.


The amount of Sprouts+ will stay the same, so that is no problem. But I agree that it would for instance not be wise for the development team to start selling Sprouts+ for a very low price to make investments.

We expect that when we get more near to the swap that the price will climb again. We are not worried about the price, as we believe in Sprouts+ and the community and development team backing it. :slight_smile: Besides, the price is mostly based on Sprouts and not Sprouts+. Changing the wallet (parameters), launching Bitcointalk ANN, website, etc. will aready boost the price.



Hi @stclair,

Thank you for your constructive comments.

In defense of the team, I really don’t feel we have not listened to anyone. We’ve been willing to listen to everyone but have banned one user who would not stop casting aspersions which does no good for anyone and ends up bringing the overall tone and vibe of the community down.

I take your points to heart and am happy to discuss them further with the rest of the team, to revisit any other possible ways of going about getting the required amount of capital.

The issue all along has been a catch 22 of sorts. We’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.

If we can’t get enough capital to focus on building the brand, which will include people working full time on it, then we won’t be able to promote and manage it enough to actually get off the ground.

As mentioned in a number of documents you’ve likely read, we’re not willing to quit our jobs if there is not enough capital to secure employment for a minimum of three year. Most of us have built up careers and are not willing to walk away from those without security and assurance.

If we were to only collect half the projected capital, enough for 1.5 years, we’d have to continue working on the project in our spare time and where possible. Sure, we’d have 1.5 year’s worth of capital and would be able to set about with marketing campaigns, etc but only when and where possible.

You need to keep in mind that:

a) we’re not looking to simply release yet another currency used primarily to trade for short-term gain, we’re looking to create a business that just happens to have a currency, as well.

If all we were interested in, was to fix Sprouts total supply and reward, we could do that with a relative of ease but then we’d just be another coin in the market of 1,186, with a bad history and no real prospects for advancement.

b) Our aim is to create an organisation with global reach, a business with dedicated resources.

You can’t create a business without capital, enough to facilitate whatever needs to happen to make it succeed.

I used an analogy in a previous post which was, asking us to reduce the 24% premine is like an investor who wants a building to be built, telling the builders they have to build it with less money than is required.

Simply put, the building will not get completed, or it will, but will later fall apart due to poor design and bad material choices due to forced cost restraints.

Everything we have done so far has taken much longer than would have been the case had we been working full time on it. We currently have to keep each other motivated and focused because this is added work and stress for people who already have jobs, businesses and other stresses.

In order for Sprouts+ to gain and become a global player, we have no choice but to put in 100% of everything. It will not work otherwise for one simple reason… There are loads of other companies out there focusing on the crypto market and they have dedicated time, capital and employees.

We cannot compete with that unless we are on a level playing field.

Asking us to cut down the 24% is asking us to fail, or at least to multiply the difficulty to such a degree that we have a hard time keeping the development team engaged for long enough to see any success.

If we felt we could pull this off with 12% capital rather than 24%, that’s the number we would have chosen to begin with.

As I’ve mentioned before, I personally work seven days a week and adding Sprouts to my list of existing responsibilities has left me with a couple of hours a week to watch a movie on a Saturday night with my wife, and that’s it.

I personally can’t keep this up for the long term if I cannot break free from a number of my other responsibilities and I would imagine others in the team feel the same.

By all means, keep thinking about the problem and keep coming up with ideas. If someone has a way for this to work with less capital, we’re completely open to it. You need to be mindful though of our goals and existing lives outside of the Sprouts / Sprouts+ community.

In other words, it has to be fair and sustainable, financially, mentally and physically.

I’d like to oppose your view that trust is earned through compromise, or in part at least. Trust is earned through integrity and sincerity.

With your logic, a scammer could easily earn your trust simply by compromising with you to take a lesser amount of your money. If, for example we were scammers, we could have said we need 40% premine knowing the community would never go for it. Then begins the compromise and we eventually get to the real figure we were looking for, which is 12%.

In reality though, we’ve run calculations for how much it will cost to build this organisation and 24% is what we came up with. We were liberal with that figure so as not to get stuck with unforeseen circumstances.

No one really ‘trusts’ anyone across the Internet, you’d be a fool if you did. The crypto market just like the majority of other markets, comes with a degree of risk.

Have we acted with integrity and sincerity to date?

I believe we have.

Have we made mistakes along the way that have raised questions and concerns, especially relating to the premine?


Are we learning from these mistakes?

Sure are.

Are we guaranteed to succeed with Sprouts+?

Not at all. It’s going to be a big challenge from the start and will require loads of dedication, passion, time, effort and lots of capital.

The challenge and pressure though, will be many times greater and investors will be at a much greater risk of losing their investment, if we run out of funds before before reaching a successful outcome.




So when is the Swap ?


@Sprouter we do not have an exact date, like mentoined in the FAQ of below topic. We will try to aim for 2017. The swap depends on a lot a variables. For instance we are also depending on the exchanges.


The development team is having a conference call sunday 12th November to go through the code plus the swap. We still need to talk through some important details.

This process is time consuming, because we have to think years ahead as we want to implement most new technology and functionality into the first Sprouts+ wallet instantly rather than having to update multiple times over the coming years.

We can understand we might test your patience, but we also know you are in this for the longterm like we are. We will update you soon after the call if there is news on Sprouts+


Hi team

How is everything going these day? It has been quiet. After all BS in ANN, the price of sprouts is at the bottom now.


Hi @demonchild,

We’re working away on the whitepaper and finalising specifications, targets and goals.

We are due to release the whitepaper soon I believe.

The price has little to do with the BS in the ANN. More to do with fewer outliers and a more correct valuation of the currency as it stands today, with total supply, etc.

Even if the currency were de-listed, we could still perform the swap and so we’re not worried about it.

More news coming shortly…



Someone bought many sprouts in both novaexchange and Coinexchange, will we soon have news?!!!


Whats!? Sin título WTF!?






A few minutes ago Under your cap total, a 70 btc and just upload again, what is happening?


Could be anything. Price was very low. It only took 6000 dollar to boost it 300%. Says more about that there where a lot of small single sales.

We are transparant with updates. If anything changes you will hear from us. For now the deadline is still 1st January 2018.