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That great … the ppl must know what is the value of sprout must be is .befor they are going to dumping it when the swap start bcz if that happen .some investor need to wink


Yes, correct, edited it.


Hi all,

While the market value at the time of the swap is currently unknown, the key here is that currently, Sprouts is not worth much and few invest into it because the staking reward is ridiculously high, as is the total supply.

Our plan and hope (based on how people think, how markets react, etc) is to reduce the total supply drastically and also the staking reward. As history has shown time and time again, with all sorts of markets that have been around far longer than the crypto market, a perceived scarcity is valued more highly than one of abundance.

Meaning, as long as we have:

  • A strong community
  • A much lower supply of Sprouts
  • A much smaller staking reward
  • A dedicated, honest and trustworthy dev team, committed to Sprouts future
  • A list of objectives, goals to strive for as a community
  • The possibility of turning Sprouts into a business, utilising the technology to facilitate… stuff?

Then, people ‘should’ deem Sprouts a worthwhile investment with fair rewards while contributing to good causes globally.

If that happens, the price ‘should’ go up and all who hold Sprouts ‘should’ be better off than we are now.

Of course, this is a market just like any other, full of speculation and when mixed with human emotion, anything can happen…

We’re focused on, and hoping for a positive outcome though.


That our main objective


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Questions about time and date of the next update answered:
The next Major Update will be done October 17th 2017 (CEST Timezone).
This will be a document with a lot of new and important information.

The next update after that will be next week.
We try to keep the updates following each other quite fast, step by step, rather than uploading one 50 page document at once and make you wait much longer and leave you with a lot of possible questions. Presenting information gradually leaves us the time to answer all your questions in between and makes it easier for everybody to process and adjust to the new situation.


That’s the right approach, I’d support this strategy.
It’s going in the right direction.


When time swap. I will turn off network chain sprouts old and do for strong new chain. :laughing:



Read for noe


Just to be sure.



Two important updates next week. Exciting! :smiley:

We have been making a lot of headway behind the scenes in preparation of social media campagnes, the official Sprouts+ Bitcointalk ANN and of course the wallet. In november we will work on the website.

Next up:

  1. :page_facing_up: Allocation funds 24% R&D and 16% reserve (1st of November 2017)
  2. :page_facing_up: Fork choice and info on swap to Sprouts+ (3rd of November 2017) - - > this is not the date of the swap, but to inform the community beforehand.




Hi, community!

Soon we will present the code and swap document. Part of the developers have been at devcon3 which gave us as development team the opportunity to gain knowledge and insights and implement the latest into our plans for Sprouts+.

Fantastic to have a team with so much combined knowledge and expertise. And exciting to nearly start with coding the wallet and preparing Sprouts+ for the exchanges.

This means you might have to be patient for a day or so longer. Sorry for that, but we want to perform the very best we can to be sure we do not miss out on important details. Rather have the best quality product for the new wallet than miss out on the latest because we per se want to stick to the deadline.


Everyone. I come here as a potential community member. I have just read through the last few months of this discussion and also price charts. Here are my thoughts as an outsider with 0 stake but prepared to get into the current bear market.

DEV TEAM : please allow a few minutes of reflection on what i am about to say. It’s going to be harsh to swallow but i really want you to succeed. There’s no reason a win-win can’t be achieved here, but i really don’t see that happening without some compromise.

You have good intentions and a good roadmap-no doubt about it. However, a road map is only as good as it’s present predicament. In other words where are we now?. In the last 7 days you have seen the prices drop to ridiculous levels… These prices have reflected what is going on and a market reflection of faith in particular to the relationship between new dev team and community.

You need to compromise.

In the current ico world where a lot of bad running companies have either scammed or through lack of foresight and greed destroyed their own market value it is very important that you understand this very basic concept.

Trust is not something you ask for, it is something you create.

We can see the markets speaking back…\

Another thing you can create is confidence. Confidence is one of those things that is pretty easy to garner. First of all you listen… then you compromise and/or adapt.

Whoever is in charge really is uncompromising, this uncompromising has crashed an already crashed market, which benefits no-one, not the future sprouts+ model nor the old.

If people wanting to invest in this future see a team or a leader unwilling to compromise and that leads to them losing, how on earth do you expect to garner confidence in a future project? You can’t.

You ask the community to trust you but are unwilling to hear some members out who hold very valid and well constructed opinions???

Trust is a two way street and garners confidence. If you are not willing to listen, how can you expect it in return?

You have knocked more than 40% off the market in the last 7 days so you have lost your own allocation. it’s a loose /loose situation. you want to create a win/win situation. You want to listen to the community.

You want to get the current price rising through confidence… this confidence comes through your compromise.

Here is a proposed compromise:

Build the future as you go along step by step. Reduce your r&d. Allow for projected profit in 1 year to further fund your r and d, therby giving confidence to investors that you are confident and in for the long term. This is the crypto world and 2018 will probably be it’s strongest growth year. If you can’t make headway in 12 months.

COMPROMISE: Halve r&d to 12%. It gives you a year and a half

16% reserve; keep it. good idea.
That gives you 28% which in your position is well above what any team with your creds would get. No disrespect.

Think about it, discuss it amongst yourselves and then reply thoughtfully. In the meantime community can respond to see if this is acceptable. Start some positive movements in the up direction. I will start the first buy when accepted.