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How long have you been busy with cryptocurrencies?

Surely you should know things take time.

How long does it take Ethereum devs to make changes, Monero, Bitcoin?

Be positive and rather help to promote Sprouts, that way you yourself help to grow your investment and you do not have to rely solely on others.


But because such haste in the updates, the 2 months I see Team dev working by taking doubts hiring people for the team, a new forum. The work has to be done quietly and step by step, so that sprouts is a success.

Please wait a little longer, as everyone here is awaiting with very patience, I believe that sprouts is on the right track, and team core is attentive to the opinion of the community.


Hi all,

I’d like to chime in here too…

@cryptogotmerekt based on your posts, I get the impression you’re the kind of guy who likes things done quickly and you’re probably also focused on short term gains. Please correct me if I’m wrong…

By default, I’m a similar type of person to you (I believe…). I like to move quickly as a general rule and also have a reasonably well tuned sixth sense for making the right decision.

I constantly think about all scenarios and possible outcomes in any given situation and as such, get frustrated easily when things aren’t moving at the speed, at which I believe they could or should move.

I sympathize with you, I really do.

I’d also like to apologise for the fact that we’ve not filled you all in as we said we would have done by now. The problem here is that there is still a lot of fluidity regarding the final outcome and new wallet emissions, etc.

We are still throwing up new ideas amongst ourselves regularly for discussion and as we all live in different time zones and all do have lives outside of Sprouts, the entire process is taking much longer than any of us would like. We vote on all changes and as you can imagine, this process can take a long while given all I’ve mentioned above.

We do indeed need to pick up our game and try to incorporate a higher level of professionalism when interacting with you all, by sticking to what we’ve said we will. Based on your comments, we will pick up our game, starting now.

As @Gonnabetya mentioned in his post, we had a very productive conference call last night (for me living here in Australia, the call started 10PM and ended 12AM). We ironed out the new emissions however we’re still debating a topic we are going to post for you (the community) to vote and comment on, within the next 24 hours.

Until we’ve come to a consensus on this new topic and question, we’re on hold again, as frustrating as that may be.

If you feel @cryptogotmerekt that Sprouts is currently not for you, I’m sure the rest of us will understand and if all goes well and we’re able to pull Sprouts up to new levels in the coming months and years and you decide to re join Sprouts, we’ll welcome you back with open arms, at least metaphorically speaking.

To the rest of the community, we sincerely appreciate your tolerance and patience and as mentioned, we will strive to act more in accordance with our core values, more often. (Which, one would expect and hope for anyway…)

So, @Gonnabetya is going to post a new question and possible vote in order to continue forging ahead, within 24 hours from… Now!



I think it’s too early to draw any conclusions about my investing strategy as most investors in crypto are based on short-term gains (from my perspective and experience). I’ve been handling too much knowledge about the mindset of trading/investing.
I’m not in any means based on short-term succes as the variables mostly even-out in long periods of time.

For me I like the steadily approach of growing eventually and less volatility.

I do respect your opinion in a professional way more than I could say about @Gonnabetya .
I do have idea that you are consulting my critism more as a working point to advance on your “game”. (what was actually one of my tactics of my previous postings)
That’s one way of intellect to deal with feedback in a more productive meaning of the word.
And I do acknowledge now you are being more mature to this subject.

I do accept your apology on behalf yourself and your team by saying out of loud in the air here about a big announcement and received the same intel we had few days ago. I don’t think it’s professional neither constructive for everybody here. So regards to this my critism is still constructive if acknowledged.

I do fully understand that there’s a lot of work involved in this and it takes time to (re)build everything back so we can all advance to the next level. But at least let’s be fully transparant about this, people will be more respecting the fact you explain this and due there is some more time needed and explain why rather than just announcing something and not delivering because that’s even a more set back.

To be honest I was ready to leave this coin after last argument but based on what you’ve posted before I respect your vision and i’m glad you answered me in this professional manner which just adds a huge chunk of credibility in the whole team and this project.

Thanks for clearing this out of the air.


Calm down everybody. Sprouts was already dead before. When you invested into this coin, you should aware this risk. The revival can be success or not. That why the dev team doesn’t promise anything. I understand that the dev new need a lot of consideration before adjusting anything. We may lost 1000x coin after swaping, there is no guarantee that the price of coin will rise 1000x to make up for this. Vote for the ideal is one thing, implementing it is another thing. If we don’t do this with carefully, everything will go down to the toilet again =.=!


Anyway I agree with @cryptogotmerekt at some points. If the dev team promise some major update, at least, at the dead line, you need to give some information. We should thank cryptogotmerekt for his complaint, since it will help us do thing more professional next times


@cryptogotmerekt, glad I was able to alleviate some of your concerns and I understand your points.

@demonchild, It’s all good. I didn’t feel the situation was heating up. Open expression is not a bad thing and in this instance, I feel @cryptogotmerekt had some fair points. We do need to try a little harder in some areas.

As Sprouts gains, it will become increasingly important to deliver on what we say we will.

Happy to accept constructive criticism on behalf of the team.


Good work to the Dev team and the community. We hope to get the best at the end of the day. My little concern is still at the total supply. The total supply has moved from 600billion to 712billion. And the price per unit of coin is on decrease. If the delay continue, there is certainty that the total supply will hit 1trillion or more than that. And going by our vote that the total supply should be reduced to 1:1000, what then happen if it hit 1 trillion or more? That means the reduction rate will not hold otherwise total supply will still remain in the billions. I m solidly behind whatever changes that you will make to move sprout forward, but while coming up some great ideas, we should also know that time is of precious value. God bless all of us.


Thank for support guys keep info since not much online need my personal laptop


It seems this community has the potential to become one of the stronger communities in Cryptocountry.


Moderated by @Gonnabetya, as this is not something we as Sprouts coreteam support and advise. We advise you to be careful with your Sprouts and wait for the wallet relaunch which we are working on.

Part of original message



That’s our hope and goal…


I think after all of this … i will find my self crying about the old sprouts … and the new price… if i do calculation of my holding sprouts

333436257.21596223 ÷2666( reduction %)=125,069.8639216 new sprouts and at minimum price =~320 $ of current price …but what will happen if sell the 125,069.8639216 @1 to 100 stoshi …:tired_face:


@Shoaib721 If you wish to sell now you will have to wait a year, or longer and will never get the potential value. The theoretical idea is that we rather have 1 worth 2666 (that can be sold) than 2666 worth 1 (that can not be sold). Price wil multiply by 3 decimals as supply decreases by 3 decimals.


Thank you for the update but I get where @Shoaib721 is comin from…is it guaranteed that the price will increase by 3 decimals?


@tunechi that is not guaranteed, because it is theoretical. It might differ. But we expect, because it is a “clean” swap that the currency (as a total market cap) will hold it’s current total value. This will mean that the decimal change will increase the value as it decreases the total supply.

After the wallet launch we expect the value to increase more besides the decimal swap, because of the new technologies, and launch other features (social media, website, more exchanges, etc.) pre, during and post wallet launch.

It would be great if we would know what the future would bring, but we have to live with a good estimation at the moment. Our experts have experience with operations like this and calculated the possibilities and think this is most likely to happen.

What is guaranteed, that if we do not change the total supply your Sprouts will not be tradeable, and therefore will be worthless.


Thank you to the coreteam for all the efforts. I have a question, about the price. Now sprts is on in position ~250, and the price is 0.000008 $. is this the refference price that will be after the “conversion”?Is there a chance that right before the (1:1000) to have a higher price and a better position in coinmarketcap?. the “new” price will be 0.000008x1000=0.008$? If not, what would be the estimated new price?


@mella.10 The estimated value would be 1000x (or the equivalent of the swap ratio at that time) the current value at the moment of the swap.

But we have to consider that at the moment there is less trust in Sprouts on the market and we are dealing with low prices on DOGE and LTC markets, because the BTC market is stuck.

If we have a look at the BTC price for Sprouts it is about 6 to 48 times the DOGE/LTC price for Sprouts. As we gain value by the decimalchange we expect the BTC market to become more open/active and more people will trade with BTC. This will, most likely attract more people to the BTC market and as a result we will end up at the high end of the value to start with, because people on the DOGE and LTC markets will naturally follow the sellprice shift of the BTC market. Eventually the prices in USD will be nearly the same on the different markets, like nearly all other more stable coins with a decent value.

The current Sprouts value is between 0.000001 USD and 0.000048 USD (highest amount depending on BTC value). We can not calculate the exact value after the decimal change. It will be somewhere between these values x 1000 (or ratio we use at swap). But the marketvalue is driven by sentiment, so it could also be that when we launch different features, people are positive about Sprouts, more people buy Sprouts, that the value will exceed the expectations. The marketvalue is the value people want to give for the coin, and that is something you can not calculate beforehand.

In short: we can not predict the future, but we can make a good estimation.


One more question. when you said about prices on different markets, you meant 0.000048 instead of 0.0000048? i see on btc \ sprts market the price is 0.000048.