Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


The AID Platform has successfully distributed your monthly interest for November.

AUX cryptocurrency distributes interest to coinholders - holding AUX on the desktop wallet - without making them mine, stake or keep their computer on 24/7.




Auxilium Global wishes everyone the very best for 2020! :smiley::earth_americas:

We’ll continue our efforts to get Auxilium #cryptocurrency listed on a top tier cryptocurrency exchange in order to kick-start our first philanthropic use case(s) and accelerate additional technical development.



For your information: we’re aware the Auxilium (AUX) wallet on Mercatox is in maintenance mode. Trading is still possible. Deposit/withdrawal will be enabled as soon as possible. We’ll inform you once it’s possible again to send/receive AUX on Mercatox.


:heavy_check_mark:️ Network maintenance is finished, all is working like it should.

:arrow_right:️ Delayed AID distribution will follow soon.

:arrow_right:️ We’ve contacted Mercatox exchange about finished maintenance so they can open deposit/withdrawal again.

:moneybag: Don’t forget the mega airdrop