Roadmap and updates (updated daily)



As demonchild mentioned above, those are the old sites and not maintained by the new team. We are building the new site which is modern and mobile friendly. Will launch in the coming weeks.


:seedling: We are collecting input now for the new wallet!




Any thoughts on getting Slack channel!? Don’t see it listed here?


@cryptogotmerekt We started out with a Slack channel. We redirected the community to this forum, because there was not enough structure. We as coreteam still use Slack for quick announcements.


Good afternoon, I would like to know about the exchange of 1:1000 will a swap?


As the vote is over, I believe team core will discuss this reduction, let’s wait a few more days for the news


Could you explain what does this mean 1:000?


Correct. There has been written a document with the results and suggestions which we need to discuss as team. As this is the core of Sprouts, the absolute nervous system it is very important to take great care and do not rush things. I expect we can publish the results and the decisions on the parameters this week.


1:1000 will mean that there will be a decimal shift (at least). Less Sprouts supply, an higher value, but same total value (market cap). This will likeley improve trading as now the price of nearly 1 satoshi is hardly tradeable on the bitcoin market. This is caused mainly by the high total supply, which is result of the high reward, at this moment.


Something too keep in mind,

a lower volume supply does not guarantee a higher price,

the value of a currency will be determined by the demand, meaning without a useful application there won’t be sufficient demand,

those huge sell walls (+/-160BTC) @ 1 satoshi must be lifted.


:seedling: New major updates sunday 8th October!

Coreteam will have a conference call this weekend to discuss and make a (semi-)final decision on the parameters (e.g. reward, supply), roadmap short and longterm and deadlines (e.g. website, wallet(s), social media, exchanges). :man_mechanic:

Short after we will present the information to the community :grin::+1: Follow our posts and keep updated!


Nice to hear about new updates where this coin is going to.
I think it’s very important now a lot of investors aren’t jumping in this coin yet not willing to invest anything because there’s no certainty reviving this coin is real and dead serious.
I hope you guys really push this project of this coin and offer the best insights and add value by giving strict and punctual information about this.
We can get a lot of more investors in this and prices will drasticly increase also increases the development of this coin.

Your next post will probably be the “breaker or maker”.
We’ve given input and our votes to dedicate to this community, the next play is up to you guys!

I wish you the best of luck to make this happen as I invested in this idea and team.
I really hope you guys can deliver so we can reach new heigths in this.

Take care



We have had a long and constructive conference call today. :+1:

We started out with a research document, with your votes included, to use as outline for the call.

We discussed: parameters new wallet, research and development, charity, currency value, and more.

After the more than 2 hours conference call we created a semi-final document with a summary of all major points, ideas and structures including for instance the new wallet reward and supply.

We are very happy with the outcome, especially as we could implement a lot of your majority votes combined with our vision and expertise. But before we present the results all teammembers have to read the public report to decide if it exactly reflects our ideas and vision, so there are less to no misunderstandings.

I hope you as community feel that we are as transparant as possible, we try our best to make headway besides our busy lives and to keep you in the loop.

Within maximum a few days the parameters will be presented. Also short after we will present the exact process and effect of this process concerning you as Sprouts holders. This also comes with a deadline for the new wallet.

With the wallet deadline will also come deadlines for website, social, etc.

In short: a roadmap with elaboration on the wallet parameters and it’s effects on your Sprouts.


:seedling: New major updates sunday 8th October!

So this was the “MAJOR UPDATES” for today?
We’ve heard this already on the post of 05/10/17

So you have an outcome already but not supplying this information at all today?
But you are “transparant” with all of us ???

So basically we only have a promise of deadlines? nothing serious?
This is really not satisfying at all kinda disappointing imo.

Basically stating “we have busy lives” does mean this is a just an occuption nothing professional?

Cmon guys you’ve could done much better than this.
Nothing worse than promising huge updates incoming at exact date and than copying the same post over again.

I’m gonna give this one more shot and wait withing few days (few as in 2,3) and see what you got in mind.
But i’m really in doubt right now…

At least Drop something today.

Since when is the revival of sprouts going on?
I heard since june is this correct ?
That’s 4 months ago already…



@cryptogotmerekt To bad you feel this way and are negative about our efforts and communication.

We do have made a lot of progress. We have to recode everthing as we have taken this coin from the dumppile. Code with a lot of old code, not much usable tech, etc.

As this is a major decision we wait a little longer with posting the updates public. We do not post just for the sake of posting.

And if your investment is worth a lot to you, why keep posting negative comments? This will only create a negative sentiment…

I hope the rest sees the progress and realises that saving this coin is one very huge job. And not something you do overnight. Creating a team with overall knowledge, setting our phylosophy, (business) ideals, branding ideas, creating documents for a clean and structured process, starting website, forum, setting up social media, took us a month and a half. Short after that in august two crypto developers joined and have been very busy on the code. But also creating an outline so the code will fit our phylosophy.

No short term fixes, no quick updates and easy ways out. Longterm fixes and investments. We have been busy for a productive 3 months at most and still believe and trust in a fantastic relaunch.

What we do is professional and have some high quality products and features on the way. But we do also only have 24 hours a day and do have jobs besides Sprouts (which does not pay us anything).


I’m not spending my time anymore on this because it’s not productive.
If you are even just neglecting all my critism than probably you aren’t prepared for this at all…

it’s just basic questioning, part of intelligence.
I feel bad that you don’t see it this way.
This comment of you just says a lot of words to me, thanks for answering in this way because now I have all the information I need on this project.

I would say good luck in the future with this coin.

I was top 70 holder of this coin.


I think a good idea to get ready for any incoming update is to buy as much as we can… any way for newbi investor that want to get rich by investing 1 cent to get 1 btc at a week an will miss it at one click


I support the developers. I believe that you are very busy! I know that changing something old is sometimes even more difficult than creating a new one, so I understand that you do not have a chance of making a mistake. May God grant you strength! And do not pay attention to the cries of investors who just want to earn money and who do not understand the complexity of working with the program code!


I totally agree. I’m really impressed with the development team and were very lucky to have them take over the project. I’m very appreciative and see a bright future for sprouts.