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Hello Auxilium community!

Exciting times. We’ve launched the TestNet for the coming upgrade and are close to finishing the brand new desktop wallet.

This Sunday we’ll publish previews of and a launch date for our brand new desktop wallet!

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Things are getting really exciting for Auxilium cryptocurrency! :blush:

Read all about the upcoming fork which will open new doors to a bright future of AUX.

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Auxilium cryptocurrency is making great progress! :fire:

:arrow_forward:️ Check out previews of our fantastic AUX desktop wallet!
:white_check_mark: All functionality that Ethereum offers
:heavy_plus_sign: Auxilium PoA consensus
:heavy_plus_sign: AUX Interest Distribution Platform


:loudspeaker: Auxilium cryptocurrency is launching a referral program on the 10th of June 2019!

:small_blue_diamond:2 million AUX available
:small_blue_diamond:Telegram bot
:small_blue_diamond:Multiple tasks
:small_blue_diamond:Help build our community :rocket:

Collaboration with Freecoins24



:bell: Reminder: Auxilium will perform the upgrade/fork this weekend.

:pushpin: We advise all AUX holders not to transfer any funds during this transition. Don’t send AUX from 25th May until the moment we confirm the fork was a success. No further action required from the community.


Fork/update is on its way! Advise to not try and transfer AUX is still in place; that is why also exchanges are still in maintenance. We’ll publish it once the update was a success and everything is back to normal. Thanks for your patience.


:hammer_and_wrench: Update about the fork/upgrade.
We ran into an issue.
We’ll restore everything to the backup we made within 24 hours, and re-try the fork/upgrade coming weekend when we have more time to properly monitor every move.
Sorry for the delay and thanks again for your patience.






Big news AUX community!

We’re very proud and excited to announce we’ve launched our brand new Auxilium desktop wallet.

Special thanks to our blockchain partner Applicature for making this possible.

Download the wallet on our website!




Hi Auxilium community,

For everyone holding AUX on an address created from within the desktop wallet: the AID platform has distributed your interest for the month May! Hurray!

Who is “HODLING” and accumulating AUX?



Youtubers make the best of this opportunity! :moneybag:

:arrow_forward:️Airdrop & referral:
:arrow_forward:️Video competition: Video Bounty Competition [up to 10000 AUX]






The Auxilium Interest Distribution platform has successfully distributed the monthly interest to all AUX-holders with AUX on an address created from within the Auxilium desktop wallet.

As an incentive Auxilium coinholders receive 8% interest every year through the AID platform. To be precise, it’s 6.72%. The extra 1.28% is split between charity and not-for-profit research and development evenly.

Holding AUX in your personal wallet address – also when offline and having no knowledge of blockchain – is enough to earn interest on the 1st of each month. The goal is to continue distributing interest indefinitely, through recycling profits, without the need of increasing the maximum supply.



Hello Auxilium community! :wave:

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  • MyCrypto listing
  • TrustWallet application
  • Hardware wallet application
  • Website update

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The Auxilium Global Team


:warning:️Warning, avoid BiteBTC/Fedlio

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Hello! Put the 6th of August in your agenda! :smiley:

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