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We aim to distribute the AUX from the January AID - to holders who did not receive their interest yet due to the past maintenance - before we distribute the next Auxilium Interest Distribution which is planned for the 1st of Feb 2019.


Dear Auxilium community,

We’ve distributed the interest in AUX for December 2018 and January 2019.

Like many of you know Auxilium cryptocurrency has different technology than other cryptocurrencies. We’ve chosen for the Proof of Authority consensus (instead of Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, or other types) because of many advantages. For instance, we were able to implement the AID (Auxilium Interest Distribution) Platform to distribute the monthly interest to holders with AUX in their desktop wallet without the need for mining or staking.

The AID platform monitors the AUX holdings on the blockchain and calculates the amount of interest based on the time a certain amount of AUX is on an address while the network is up and running. As you probably know we’ve had (all solved now) an issue with the network last month. This has lead to some down time of the network in order to perform proper maintenance (to make sure such error would not occure as easy in the future). This impacted the amount of AUX calculated by the AID platform, because of the network being offline for part of January.

This means you probably received less AUX than anticipated for January, because the AID platform is unable to count offline days.

Blockchain technology is constantly evolving. Which makes maintenance part of it. We can understand you might be disappointed by this outcome, but we hope you also realise this technology comes with many benefits. Not only because of security, environment, speed, low-fees, etc. arguments, but also because it does not cost users any time or resources (e.g. electricity or hardware bills) to receive interest. All interest is net interest.

Anyways, all is back to normal which means the AID distribution of the 1st of March should contain all days of February.

Again: thanks for your understanding.

We wish you a great weekend.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team


Auxilium Monthly Review: January 2019


Earlier this week we conducted a website analysis, and decided to gradually change elements this month to increase functionality and user engagement. Today we’ve calculated the Airdrop round 2 ready for distribution on the 10th Feb.


AUX airdrop coins (not tokens) will be distributed in the next 24 hours. We didn’t have time earlier unfortunately. We also will update you on a new partnership tomorrow. Hope you have the best week! :+1:



  • announce it here once the airdrop is distributed.
  • inform you about our new partner once they have added us to their platform.
  • launch our improved website this month.
  • work on website translations after launching the improved website.
    Have a good day! :+1:


Coindar has added AUX to their partnerlist, which means our coin page will be more up-to-date and we are able to add more relevant information to it.
Check out our coinpage and add Auxilium to your favourites by pressing the :heart:



Dear Auxilium community,

We’ve distributed the interest for February 2019.

The Auxilium Interest Distribution Platform has monitored the AUX held on each personal address (on the desktop wallet) and has distributed interest accordingly. Plus of course calculated the interest going to the charity fund and research and development fund.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team



Dear Auxilium community,

Please check out our latest update.

Have a good day!

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team


Another publication to update you!


Dear Auxilium community,
We say goodbye to March and say hello to April. This means the Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) is around the corner. We’ll distribute the monthly interest this week and let you know once the distribution is finished.
More on the AID platform
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,

We’ve successfully distributed the monthly interest to AUX holders!

Next distribution on the list is the delayed distribution of the past airdrop for all who participated according the guidelines. We’ll notify you once this distribution is done.

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team



New publication about the different types of passive income within cryptocurrency.
Advantages of Auxilium PoA and AID platform explained.
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fantastic. keeping to its promises.


Dear Auxilium community,
This weekend we’ll add new and improved information on the website and publish a new article.
Enjoy your weekend!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,
The ball is still very much rolling, so to speak.
Read the latest and show your support!

Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Short update!
Don’t forget to read our publications for the latest on AUX.

  • AID platform will distribute your AUX interest of the month April this weekend.
  • Working on new desktop wallet.
  • Preparing code for Network ID update.
  • Updated website and will continue fine-tuning it.
  • Publishing a new article about investing in crypto this weekend.

Have a good weekend!


New publication.

To the moon! 10 don’ts for crypto investors and an example of good practice