Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


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Trading on the Indonesian market is postponed a few days, but we will be trading after this weekend according to NusaX officials.


We’re excited to announce we have been listed on:

These cryptocurrency websites are also added to our website

We will try and add our newsfeed to the mobile apps Delta and Blockfolio soon. Both apps already show the price/trading feed.



Auxilium trading has started on Nusa Exchange
You can trade AUX on the Bitcoin market:
Deposit AUX within seconds thanks to the speed of our blockchain.
Happy trading on Nusa Exchange!


Auxilium (AUX) trading on Nusa Exchange soon

A lot is happening these days!
We’re excited to announce AUX is listed on cryptocurrency portfolio app BitUniverse and we’ll work together with them soon to also integrate our newsfeed and logo within their application.



Very happy with our listing on Finexbox!
You can trade AUX against BTC at:
Finexbox on Coingecko:
AUX is now listed on five cryptocurrency exchanges in the 4 months we have been trading.



New update/publication on Medium and Steemit!


Good news! Auxilium is fully integrated in the crypto portfolio app of BitUniverse
Follow price-action, set alerts, find information under ‘Coinpedia’ and receive push notifications on your smartphone for news updates of AUX cryptocurrency. Follow us on BitUniverse.



Dear Auxilium community,

Slight change of plans. We would publish a Q&A video today, plus FAQs page.

Today we’ll publish a FAQs page on our website ( based upon many questions from the community over the past months.

We’ll not publish our video just yet, because we have altered the concept a bit (to make it more a general video with Co-founder Anton Donker explaining about Auxilium Global instead of a Q&A video). This new concept - with different expectations and requirements - will take more time.

With the holidays around the corner it’s very busy. It might take another week or two before the video will be published. However, it will be of much better quality which is important. In the meanwhile you can read the FAQs on the website, and if you have further questions contact us.

Also it will give you more time to add your question to the list: 20th December Auxilium Q&A Video (Questions and Answers Video)

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team


:mega: Attention Auxilium holders!

Show your support and earn a one time bonus of 50 AUX.
Together we stand strong! :muscle:

:arrow_forward:️ Simply fill in this form:

This airdrop is for AUX holders who already participated in the first airdrop (ended 1st December 2018).



The Auxilium Global Team wishes you happy holidays and a joyful new year!

New? :gift: 200 AUX
Holder? :gift: 50 AUX



:warning:️ Important message for all AUX airdrop participants!

It’s great you entered the airdrop.

Make sure you don’t undo any of the tasks before the end of the airdrop (1st Feb.).

We will check all airdrop submission and will not reward false or duplicate submission.



Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform distributed the interest on the 1st of January. However, we’re aware some did not receive their interest yet. We’ll check to make sure everyone has received the interest within the next couple of days.
Sorry for the delay.


Dear Auxilium community,

We look back at 2018 as a challenging and exciting year.

We thank all of you for the continued support.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team




Dear Auxilium community,
We’re working on the network. We’ve requested maintenance mode with the exchanges to fix the issue.
We ask for your understanding as we’re trying our best to fix the issue, but can’t say how long it will take.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team

Windows Desktop Wallet Support
MacOS Desktop Wallet Support
Linux Desktop Wallet Support

Hi all,

Just a quick update as to why we’re in maintenance mode currently.

We recently detected an issue with one of our generated blocks and after some research, we’ve confirmed we have been affected by bug #17849 (

Briefly, this bug is where one of the mining nodes mines a block out of sequence and the block is then accepted by the other mining nodes as legitimate and inserted into the blockchain.

Unfortunately, this means there’s a bad block in our chain and the only remedy is to rewind the entire blockchain to the block just prior to the bad block.

On the up side, the bad block occurred January 4, 2019 and so we only need to rewind six days. The process of rewinding the blockchain means all transactions that have occurred since the bad block, will never have taken place. This includes the second half of the AID payout.

We have a catalogue of all transactions that have taken place since the bad block and will do our best to ‘make good’ where people have lost AUX coins as a result of this bug and rewind, and once we’ve rewound the blockchain back to health, we will reissue the AID payout to those who didn’t receive it.

A postmortem of the situation has given us a lot to think about and a task list of changes and additions to the network and our own processes in order to detect and minimise the damage any future bugs could cause.

The bug is present in the version of node we’re using across the board and so the next step is for us to update the mining nodes, rewind the blockchain and test mining beyond the previous bad block and if all goes well, then we’ll release an updated wallet version for the community and life can get back to normal.

We will provide detailed instructions on assisting us to refund to you, any coins you’ve lost due to transactions you’ve made over the past six days, once we have completed works to restore the network.

We strongly recommend you do not transact until this issue has been resolved. This means no trades or AUX transfers at all.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and we’re working to resolve this issue promptly.

Kind regards
The Auxilium Global Team

Windows Desktop Wallet Support
Linux Desktop Wallet Support
MacOS Desktop Wallet Support

We’re setting up and testing the network for the next 24 hours. Most likely everything will be back to normal within 24-48 hours.


Network maintenance update: tests have been positive so far. We will contact the exchanges to re-open for deposit/withdrawal soon. We’ll update you when everything is back to normal (depends on exchanges also).


Hi all,

We’ve updated our network and removed the bug that we were affected by. We have also requested Mercatox update their Auxilium nodes and wallets, resync and test transactions.

All looks good.

While no one wants to find out they’ve been affected by a bug that will require a blockchain rewind, we’re glad we discovered the bug fairly quickly and that damage was minimal. We’ve now tightened up network monitoring and processes relating to patching and updating our network and are walking away from this experience with more knowledge and a greater understanding of what can happen and what’s required, should certain situations occur.

Some of you (about 1,500) will notice you’re still missing your AID payout from December. We will rectify this within the next few days. We have a full account of all transactions that have taken place on our blockchain and if you feel you’re missing Auxilium coins now, due to the bug and rewind, please let us know so that we can verify your claim and work with you to rectify the situation.

The rewind has effectively erased a number of transactions that took place between Jan 4, 2019 and Jan 10, 2019.

While we’ve got the network back up and running with Mercatox plugged back in, we’re still refining desktop syncing and will be another couple of days in doing so. We’ll post another update in a few days relating to wallet syncing, etc.

One of the advantages of using POA in the way we are, is that we’re able to coordinate and resolve issues in a very clean and clear manner and while on this occasion we took longer than some may have liked, this was the first time we’ve needed to respond to a network-wide and severe issue.

Kind regards
The Auxilium Global Team

Auxilium Monthly Review: January 2019

The company, Auxilium Global was finally incorporated a few days ago and so it’s official, we’re now a proper company. Only need to finish the whitepaper before beginning to apply for a listing with larger exchanges. On target for Q1 2019.